Love live theater on stage – "Phantom of the Opera" surprise

We had season tickets for the Denver Theatre Complex for several seasons. We joined friends for dinner then enjoyed the production. One year “Phantom of the Opera” was part of the season ticket package.

When Colleen and Sean found out, they begged us to get tickets for them. We told them the tickets were too expensive to buy. Because we knew they wanted to see the play, we had already bought their tickets.

We told them our friends had invited them to join us for dinner on theater day. Then they could choose a movie to watch downtown while we went to the play. We would meet afterwards for dessert.

When we parked in the theater garage, we gave them their tickets. Their facial expressions were worth all the planning and secrets!


Colleen drew this picture after seeing the musical play. She began drawing her favorite things when she was a toddler.

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