Photography in Colorado - Outdoor weather elements

You might think shooting this photo would be easy. The glass with a Kup Kap on it just sits there. It can’t move or speak. Well, you would be wrong because there are many variables to contend with even when you photograph indoors. Going outdoors with your camera becomes even trickier.

My husband and I were having dinner with friends at their house. Because they have a deck with beautiful views, I decided to shoot product photos. The weather changes very quickly in Colorado so I had quite the adventure taking pictures.


Rain drops on the camera lens can ruin a photo.


I had to capture the Kup Kap when the wind blew it off the glass.


A wind gust made the glass slide down the deck post. I moved quickly from behind the camera tripod to catch it. A few minutes later, the wind blew the glass off the deck and broke it. I gave up and went inside!

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