Mister Donuts in Osaka, Japan

Colleen traveled by highway bus from Tokushima to Osaka, Japan, to explore the area. She stayed in the new Hankyu Hotel which has a unique feature.

Reporting from Japan she writes, “I'm on the 'Ladies Floor' at the hotel--in a ladies room with ladies things. Because I'm a lady!”


A lady needs a cup of hot tea to bring calm at the end of her day.


Colleen travels with her own cup lid so she used it on her mug of hot tea. She knows a Kup Kap designed with Thinsulate insulation by 3M used in Arctic clothing holds in heat longer than a ceramic lid.

Colleen writes, “Winding down with some Mister Donuts (very popular here!), some note-jotting on my pretty new memo pad, and some herbal tea with a Kup Kap on the cup.”


A lady needs a colorful bed pillow on her neatly made bed.


A lady really enjoys full-sized bottles of nice smelling products in her shower!