RV accessories – cup wraps and sleeves for hot and cold drinks

No matter what drink is in your RV cup holder, an insulated Kup Kollar will hold in heat or cold, longer while you’re on the road. Designed with Thinsulate Insulation by 3M, the cup sleeve acts as a winter coat or a mini ice chest. After finishing your drink, store the cup wrap in the RV cup holder so you’ll always know where it is!

Some folks enjoy their favorite hot brew in a ceramic travel mug. Find one with the handles located at the top part of the mug so the Kup Kollar will slip on the bottom part.

When you travel to various places in your RV, you’ll find water tastes different from your home water. Buying bottled water gives you a consistent taste. Keep it cold with a Kup Kollar.

The Kup Kollar wasn’t designed for soft drink cans. Using a rubber band will keep the cup wrap on the can so you can enjoy your cold soda longer!

When you need a caffeine fix, go through a drive-thru and order hot tea or coffee. Slip on a Kup Kollar so you can have your caffeine hot for at least forty-five minutes.

24 ounce cup with Kats in Hats Kup Kollar; 33 ounce cup with Red Western Kup Kollar Grande

Use Kup Kollars on cold take-out cups to absorb condensation on the outside of the cups. Your RV cup holders will stay dry.