Boulder Caffeine Crawl – The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse

The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse on Pearl Street was our third stop on the Boulder Caffeine Crawl. Their specialty is world class espresso. The coffeehouse promotes the arts with weekly readings, musical performances, and gallery showings.

The two presenters sat on a piano bench. Jason of the Red Tennis Shoes asked one of many questions queried by the group.


Thinsulate insulated Espresso Medley Kup Kap on brown cup.

Thinsulate insulated Espresso Medley Kup Kap on brown cup.

After tasting his sample Perry wrote, “The espresso-based Americano has robust flavor with just a slight lingering hint of the unroasted bean, which gives it a distinctive following taste. Crema on the surface is rich and consistent.”

For you laymen, Perry means “a great cup of coffee!”


The laughing goat hangs above the counter.


For tea drinkers, The Laughing Goat offers several selections of tea from the company ‘two leaves and a bud’. There were tea bags and coupons in our goodie bags.


Along the back wall of the coffeehouse there was a shrine to the arts, writing, intellect, sciences, and wisdom. Enjoy more 2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl photos!