Winter Solstice Tea from Peet’s Coffee & Tea

For tea drinkers who want the convenience of tea bags, try Peet’s Winter Solstice Tea*, their most complex blend ever. The whole leaf and broken leaf black teas come from Darjeeling, Yunnan, and Sri Lanka. Mellow cinnamon, earthy allspice, pungent whole cloves, chopped Madagascar vanilla beans, bergamot and zesty orange peel add layered flavors. Winter Solstice Tea will brighten your winter day no matter how short it is!

Included in the directions on the side of each box, Peet’s writes, “Bring the water to a rolling boil, pour immediately onto the teabag, and cover with a lid to retain heat while steeping.” After using your Kup Kap for brewing, continue using it while drinking your tea to further retain heat from your first sip to your last!

*Also comes in a beautiful tin full of loose tea.