Coffee Ornaments, Coffee Talk-The Game, and Crazy Shirts

It ‘tis the season for catalogs to arrive in your mail box. Whether you shop from a catalog or the company’s web store, brew your favorite hot tea or coffee before you start browsing. I found the following unique items for coffee lovers in three of many catalogs I’m receiving daily!

Sur La Table is offering an exclusive line of food and beverage ornaments handmade by artisans in Poland. Each ornament is made in glass. You’ll find an espresso machine, French press, and a coffee beans bag.

One of my favorite catalogs to browse is Crazy Shirts – “It's not just fashion - it's a cool way of life.” The company was founded in our coffee producing state of Hawaii in 1964 amid beach party movies and a rising interest in surfing.

The beautiful designs are purchased from freelance artists for $1000. The clothing’s color comes from specially mixed dyes using Kona coffee, beer, volcanic ash, hibiscus flowers, key limes, or one of several other unique sources.

There’s a new game in town called “Coffee Talk – The Game” from Pressman, making games for 85 years. The game is for 2-4 players and is stored in a resealable coffee package. It promises a whole latte of fun!