High Tea at Butchart Gardens near Victoria, Canada

Victoria Aug 2007 2483 Butchart Gardens path Lg.jpg

Perry and I rode a tour bus from downtown Victoria, Canada to the fifty-five acre Butchart Gardens. Years ago Jennie Butchart decided to recycle a used up limestone quarry that supplied her husband’s cement plant. Some of the plants were collected by the couple on their many travels. 


Victoria Aug 2007 2470 Butchart Gardens High Tea Irene Perry.jpg

We began our visit by enjoying a fantastic High Tea on the porch of the Butchart homestead. We started with a wonderful cup of cut fresh fruit in real whipped cream. The teapot was insulated and kept the blackberry tea hot. We each had a tea strainer to use when we poured tea into our cups.


Victoria Aug 2007 2471 Butchart Gardens High Tea_300.jpg

The bottom plate held meats wrapped in pastries and small vegetable sandwiches. The middle plate had desserts and confections on it. The top plate was for scones and Devonshire cream. Everything melted in our mouths as we emptied the plates. The service and staff were superb. If you visit the gardens, I highly recommend you start with the High Tea!


Victoria Aug 2007 2643 Butchart Gardens Estate home back.jpg

This is the back of the Butchart home. It's now a restaurant.


Victoria Aug 2007 2615 Butchart Gardens Japanese bridge_96.jpg

We followed paths throughout five uniquely beautiful gardens and to the Tod Inlet close to Brentwood Bay. This is a small part of the Japanese garden.


Victoria Aug 2007 2551 Butchart Gardens cream pink tipped flowers Lg.jpg

Just a few of the many beautiful flowers we enjoyed. Butchart Gardens is a camera’s paradise!