Lunch at The Chestnut Tree Garden Tea Room in Denton, Texas

After we emptied the basket of muffins at The Chestnut Tree Garden Tea Room, we enjoyed lunch which is always tasty and fresh. Whether you use a cup sleeve on iced tea or a cup lid on hot tea, you’ll have a great selection of bagged and loose teas. The flavors are full bodied and compliment food items on the menu.

The Chestnut Tree is located in the Denton Downtown Historic Square. After lunch, we walked to the Denton County Courthouse. Inside we found the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum. It’s free and open for browsing or you can take a tour for a $1 donation. The museum also has free lectures.

When we finished learning a few history lessons, we wandered over to the Recycled Books store. Located in the historic purple Opera House, it has 17,000 square feet of paradise for book lovers.

Before going in, Hugh and Perry looked over the carts near the entrance. They seem to use the same technique for finding books of interest. I wonder if all retired English professors use this technique!