Celebrate Bake Cookies Day with These Delicious Recipes

By guest blogger Colleen Luckett

Another holiday is upon us and, though it may not be well known, it’s a particularly yummy one! That is Bake Cookies Day, which was yesterday. But cookies are so ubiquitous, guess what? You can celebrate these tasty morsels today and beyond.

To get you started, here are some of our favorites from around the world:

Let’s begin in our own neck o’ the woods with a popular American cookie: chocolate chip cookies. Check out Stephen’s Chocolate Chip Cookies over at Allrecipies for a really nutty and chip-y version. A few of these with French press coffee would cover your sweet-treat needs for the week. They’re Stephen’s birthday present to his father, who was kind enough to send him to culinary school especially for baking cookies. Thanks for sharing your talents, Stephen!

These Dutch cookies are popular spice cookies in the Netherlands, made especially for Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas Day on December 5). You’ll find the recipe at www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/speculaas-dutch-cookies-39137. This one gets consistently good reviews, but you'll find other good versions, including several from Belgium and Germany.

Let’s head south of the border for some Mexican Wedding Cookies in the New York Times (NYT)! Now the origin of these—sometimes called Russian Tea Cakes—are debated a bit, but the delicious, simple taste is not. This particular recipe came to the NYT in a 1990 article about popular Christmas cookies. Perfect time to get the ingredients on your list in time for the holidays! And this recipe is done totally in a food processor. Less clean-up time = more gift time!

Time to venture into the far east for the taste of traditional matcha (or green tea) cookies from Japan. Matcha is a very popular flavor for many sweets in Japan, and this recipe for Matcha Japanese Cookies from the Chopstick Chronicles blog is simple yet tasty. Kermit the Frog always said, “it isn’t easy being green,” but in this case, I think you’ll be just fine.

No blog about cookies would be complete without some German cookies! My father told me stories about baking with my German great grandmother when he was a boy, and those pies and cookies sounded unbeatable in the delicious department.  We couldn’t pick a favorite, so check out 10 German Cookies You Have to Bake this Winter in The Locale, an English-language news network from Europe, to see recipes for anything from Pfeffernüsse (pepper nuts)—try to say that three times fast—to Zimptsterne (cinnamon stars) .

Now baking perfect cookies takes time and patience, and you don’t want your favorite mug of tea or hot chocolate or pot of French press coffee going cold. So, stock up on some Kup Kap™ mug covers and Koffee Kozee™ French press covers to keep them warm while you put your love into your cookies this season.


Did you try baking any of these cookies? Let us know how they were in the comments!

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