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I love live theater on stage – “Wicked” witches and a birthday surprise for two

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Kap Theater Wicked mug program tickets_72

Music Krescendo Kup Kap on the mug next to “Wicked” souvenir.

Sean and I have our birthdays three days apart in June. Pam discovered the musical “Wicked” was playing in Denver on the birthdays’ weekend. She began her birthday surprise with the help of Perry. They had secrets but Sean and I never noticed!


Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Pam knows surprise_72

Perry and I went to the loft to eat a delicious brunch prepared by Sean and Pam. We hung out for the afternoon. That evening we had plans to eat dinner at a restaurant and have birthday ginger cake after.

Pam knitted while Tai soaked up some rays on her lap. Later, she told Sean it was time for him to dress for dinner.


Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Result of Pam telling Sean to dress for dinner_72

Sean left the room and returned saying he was ready to go!

Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Pam Sean tree72

Sean did a better job on his second trip to the bedroom. He and Pam are standing outside their loft building in downtown Denver.

Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Irene Sean tickets_72

We continued on to the restaurant, ate wonderful food, had our usual fun time, and began our walk back to the loft. As we approached the Denver Theatre Complex, I noticed the crowds walking towards the area. I noted to Perry that there must be a big production playing that evening.

He told me “Wicked” was playing. This is a play we had talked about seeing but missed the last time it played in Denver. I said, “Oh, that’s too bad. We could have gone this weekend.”

Pam suggested we cut through the Complex to avoid the crowds. I was busy looking at the stylish clothes some of the ladies were wearing. I turned to see Sean looking at something in his hands. Suddenly Perry gave me a ticket to “Wicked”. I exclaimed, “Oh wow! When do we get to see it?”

Perry, “Tonight!” I was so excited I couldn’t believe it, exclaiming, “We get to see it NOW?”

Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver dragon_72

We loved the musical. My favorite character was the Good Witch because she was very funny and performed a lot of physical comedy. The costumes were elaborate. The female chorus wore skirts designed with several layers of different fabrics. The set was built with a Steampunk theme. Go if you get the chance!

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I love live theater on stage – Theater Souvenirs

Monday, September 21st, 2015

I was a freshman at Florida State University when I saw my first play on stage called “Lysistrata”, a Greek play by Aeschylus that was first performed in 411 BC. It’s the story of Lysistrata’s efforts to end the Peloponnesian War by persuading the other women to withhold sexual favors from their husbands and lovers. It may be the first play about a theme we’re very familiar with today – the war between the sexes!

“Lysistrata” was the beginning of many entertaining hours sitting in a theater enjoying live productions on stage. Unknown to me, my future husband was in the audience also watching his first play!

After meeting and marrying, we continued our love of live theater together. Our first season tickets were for the 1973 summer season at the historic Elitch Theatre then located at the original Elitch Gardens site in northwest Denver, Colorado. We saw Shelly Winters, William Shatner, and Jose Ferrer in three memorable plays.

We have watched local actors and famous actors, seen new and older plays, and enjoyed a variety of play themes. In the late 1970’s, we introduced children’s theater to Sean and Colleen when they were toddlers. Their first play was “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” performed at the historic Bonfils Memorial Theater in Denver which hosted more than 400 main stage and children’s productions until it closed.

Growing up, Sean and Colleen performed in school plays, talent shows, mystery dinner theatre, forensics school tournaments, dance recitals, and the Larkspur, Colorado Renaissance Festival. They also directed, were stage managers, made props, and wrote scripts.


Theater soldier tshirt tickets_72

Music Krescendo Kup Kap on Radio City mug.

These are only a small number of survivors I’ve collected over the years. Each one holds a fond memory for me!

Several years ago, I bought the soldier mug in the lobby of the Denver Theatre Complex after a performance of “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” danced by the Rockettes out of New York City. Sean had a date that evening with Pam, who later became our daughter-in-law!

I love live theater on stage – Post 1 of 4


Botanical Gardens in Denver, CO

Monday, August 18th, 2014
2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver Perry 6 Koll purple flowers_72

Pride Colors Kup Kollar on 16 ounce cold-cup.

I put a colorful cup cozy in my purse to use at the Denver Botanical Gardens because I knew it would be a day of many hues and shades!

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 12 Irene holding flower_72

I thought, “So many flowers, so little time!”

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 3 single flower front of tree_72

If you haven’t visited the Denver Botanical Gardens, you are missing one of Colorado’s many gems!

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver Perry 3 yellow and deep purple flowers_72

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver Perry 1 Fireworks flower_72


2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 37 white flowers_72


Tea house and tea garden at Botanical Gardens in Denver, CO

Monday, August 11th, 2014

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 29 Teahouse_72

At the Denver Botanical Gardens, a Japanese tea ceremony is served at the tea house located in the tea garden. The tea house was designed by Dr. Koichi Kawana and constructed in Japan. It was then disassembled and shipped to Denver. A team of Japanese craftsmen carefully rebuilt it.

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 26 teahouse Pam Sean_72

Sean and Pam stopped to read the information sign at the entrance to the tea garden.

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 20 rock fountain_72

The fountain in the tea garden is stocked with fish.

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 25 bonsai tree_72

There are several bonsai trees on display. The trees not suited to the Colorado climate are in a greenhouse.

Visit this tranquil garden and you will feel more peaceful when you leave.


Chihuly Exhibition at Botanical Gardens in Denver, CO

Monday, August 4th, 2014
2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver Perry 4 Koll on wall_72

Pride Colors Kup Kollar on 16 ounce cold-cup.

When we visited the Botanical Gardens in Denver, CO it was a hot dry day. We found relief at the Café next to a beautiful pond. There were outside tables under a huge shade tree. I bought an iced tea which was very good. 2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 43 glass statue in pond_72

The pond was filled with glass sculptures in the Chihuly Exhibit. Dale Chihuly is known for revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement that changed people’s perceptions about glass creations. People have begun to see glass works as art not a craft. He uses the team approach for blowing glass.

2014 June 14 Botancial Gardens Denver 32 glass balls boat in pond_72

We discovered another pond filled with Chihuly’s large floating bulbs. On one side there was a boat filled with more glass designs and colors. This is a beautiful unique exhibit with many displays throughout the Botancial Gardens!


Trader Joe’s ice-cream fan finds cozy container wrap

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Kream Kollar Trader Joe gall ice cream June 2014_72

From a new customer who really “gets it” about our unique Thinsulate insulated wraps for ice-cream containers. That’s kool!

Hi, I searched on Google for Ice cream container cozy. Most cozies ended up being for pints and I was looking for quart size. The others I found, like on Etsy and Ebay were crocheted. The Thinsulate insulation on yours was the top selling point though I liked the choice of designs also. 

I became recently addicted to Trader Joe’s Mint Chip ice cream. For the first time in my life, I started eating ice cream right out of the carton and using a towel wrapped around it because of the coldness. Then last Friday when I bought a new supply, there was a lot of ice cream dribbled over on the sides of the cartons and I wondered if there were cozies for ice cream cartons, hence my Google search. 

Can’t wait to get them, hope they fit. Once warm weather comes, the Thinsulate insulation will come in handy also. 

Cindy, Minnesota

Kream Kollar Trader Joe sign Denver June 2014




Denver, Colorado is very excited about having a new Trader Joe’s in their beautiful city!








Special Moments at Capital Tea in Denver

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Sitting in the front corner at Capital Tea, Kevin enjoyed the last rays of sunshine as the sun slid behind the Rocky Mountains.


Exploring the tea shop with my camera, I found a colorful bear wearing a knitted hat and miniature teapots filled with flowers on each table.

We met Kevin at Capital Tea not just for tea and goodies, but to give him a surprise gift. At a book signing last fall for his book about ghosts in Denver, I discovered Kevin didn’t have a special pen to use. I contacted Dave, owner of Winds of Change contracting company, who makes beautiful pens. Orange is one of Kevin’s favorite colors!

After leaving Capital Tea, we met Shawn outside the Colorado History building. Shawn’s pen is swirled with teal, which is his favorite color. He signed his book that is filled with historical photos of Denver. Thank you, Dave, for helping me surprise two great friends with your skilled craftsmanship!


Capital Tea on South Broadway

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Kup Kaps on our cups kept the tea hot while we sipped and chatted.

Capital Tea in Denver, CO is a very pleasant tea shop to hang out with friends. Kevin, Perry, and I sat on couches in the corner. A small table held a large tray with tea in sixteen ounce teapots, honey, cream, and baked goodies. I drank an excellent Peach Vanilla with peach pieces. It wasn’t bitter and had a vanilla after-taste. Perry and Kevin enjoyed Earl Grey Windermere with a strong bouquet.

Perry ate a tasty black currant lemon scone with rich lemon curd. Kevin and I loved our melt-in-your-mouth apricot bars covered with a lot of crunchy almonds.

Lisa Biro, the owner of Capital Tea, gave us excellent, friendly service. We talked after I finished eating. Most entrepreneurs are supportive, share experiences, and learn from each other.

I think this tea lover was a shoe model. I loved her artistic tennis shoes!


Capital Tea in Denver, CO

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Kolorful Insects Kup Kap on tea cup.

On a recent trip to Denver for a hockey game and family dinner, Perry and I needed a place to hang for an hour. I googled tea shops and found Capital Tea on South Broadway. Because I keep a cup lid cozy in our vehicle, I was prepared. My Kup Kap is color coordinated with the paint color of our Ford – Lime Squeeze. I was thrilled to see my teapot in the same color!


Harrisons & Crosfield Christmas Tea

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Harrisons & Crosfield Christmas Tea is imported from England. The whole leaf blend contains hand-plucked black tea leaves with pieces of aromatic clove, tangy orange peel, almonds, and fragrant rose flowers. The spices are cardamom, cinnamon and marzipan. The festive tea tin has brewing directions on the side. This Christmas Tea is very flavorful hot or cold.

You’ll find the best selection of high quality specialty teas in tea shops. I bought my tin in the House of Commons teahouse in Denver, Colorado. This is a wonderful place to enjoy tea anytime of the year!

We brought our holiday Kup Kaps to the House of Commons so we could enjoy our hot teas longer. Next time I might take tea cozies for their teapots!