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Iced coffee cold brewing in French press with cozy

Sunday, June 28th, 2015
Kozee Iced coffee lunch Koll lg _96

Coffee Drinks Kup Kollar on drinking glass.
Coffee Recipes Koffee Kozee over French press.

You don’t need to visit a coffee shop to enjoy iced coffee. You can use your French press and the cold brewing method to make it at home. Use frozen coffee ice cubes to keep the flavor in your beverage. Put a Koffee Kozee over your French press to keep the coffee colder, longer. Enjoy!


Travelin’ Kup Kollar in France?

Thursday, June 25th, 2015
Japan koll Vie de France train stations_72

Cherry Blossoms Kup Kollar on a glass filled with iced coffee.

Colleen has learned Japan is as international as her own country. Several chains like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Starbucks from the United States are located in Japan. She has also enjoyed Italian and Mexican food to name a few.

News from Colleen and the Travelin’ Kup Kollar in the Kobe Train Station: 

“Travlin’ Kup Kollar in France! Juuuuust kidding. It’s Vie de France, a French-style bakery chain in Japan, found at many train stations. The puffy bun has apple and cheese inside it. The restaurant is playing cute French music, too. It’s a nice backdrop to my people watching and pastry.”


Travelin’ Kup Kollar in Osaka, Japan

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms Starbucks spinach wrap_72

News from Colleen and the Travelin’ Kup Kollar:

“Hello, Koffee Kompanions! My cherry blossoms Kup Kollar looks right at home this morning at a Starbucks in Osaka, Japan. I’m drinking my favorite drink – iced coffee with milk and sweetener. The Caesar chicken wrap is yummy. The wrap is green probably made with spinach.”


Freezer Smoothies: insulated wraps for smoothies

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Smoothie Ball jar Glass_72

As soon as the Tupperware glass filled with a frozen smoothie comes out of the freezer, I slip on a Kup Kollar. The Thinsulate insulation keeps the smoothie cold allowing it to slowly melt until I’m ready to drink it.

When the frozen smoothie in the pint container becomes crunchy, I slip on a pint size Kream Kollar to slow the melt. I can enjoy my frozen dessert longer.

Both wraps protect my hands from the frosty cold containers!

Freezer Smoothies – Post 4 of 4

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Post 2.  Store in Tupperware glasses with lids

Post 3. Store in plastic freezer jars


Freezer Smoothies: Kitchen Aid Blender, Tupperware glasses, and Plastic Freezer jars

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

Smoothie Blender Ball jar Glass_72

I love my Kitchen Aid Architect blender for making large batches of fruit smoothies to store in my freezer. You can find many recipes online but I keep it simple. I use non fat Greek yogurt, mix and match fresh, frozen, and canned fruits which are always in my kitchen, and add a touch of raw honey from a local bee keeper. Sometimes I add spices like fresh mint or peppermint sugar to the mix.

I put a carton of yogurt into the blender, add one fruit and a touch of honey, then blend. When it’s smooth, I fill one or two containers. I add a second fruit to the leftovers in the blender. After blending, I fill one or two more containers. I continue this process of adding a new fruit and more yogurt as needed. When my containers are filled, I put any leftover smoothie into a glass and drink it.

My variety of smoothies in the freezer are ready to grab n go when I’m in my car, need a snack, or want a healthy dessert!

Freezer Smoothies – Post 1 of 4


My pottery lessons: the Slab Method

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
Pottery lessons koll rolled out clay_72

Golden Stars Kup Kollar on 24 ounce water bottle.

I learned how to do the slab method which allows for the most variation of creations. I used a rolling pin to roll over a clay ball placed between two yardstick guides. This process keeps all the clay at the same thickness. Then I used a knife to cut pieces to put together to form a pottery piece. It’s harder to do than it looks!

My Pottery Lessons – Post 2 of 7

Post 1 Beautiful Pottery


Travelin’ Kup Kollar & Baby Blue Eyes flowers in Ibaraki Hitachinaka Seaside Park, Japan

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms_72

Colleen, who reports from Japan, was on vacation this week from her job teaching English in a private school. She traveled by bus from Tokushima to Fukushima to see friends.

After saying good-bye to her friends, Colleen went to the Fukushima train station. Needing coffee, she bought a aisu (iced) café latte from Starbucks located in the station. She slipped on her newest Cherry Blossoms cup sleeve to keep her hands dry. It’s her Traveling’ Kup Kollar!

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms park blue flowers_72

Colleen reporting in from Japan: “The ‘baby blue eyes’ at Hitachi Seaside Park! I walked 30 minutes to the train station, rode the local train, and then hopped the bus to the park. I made it!  There are a gazillion people here, but I managed to find a quiet, little forest path to type this out. Beautiful day!”

Growing like grass, these beautiful flowers are named Nemophila, or Baby Blue Eyes. Once a year from late April to early May, they cover the fields of Hitachi Seaside Park. They’re also found in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The plants are small and delicate, easy to grow, and ideal for rockeries, hanging baskets, pots and under planting. The species is named after Archibald Menzies (1754-1842) who was a Scottish botanist and surgeon.

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms park ferris wheel2_72

Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka is a public park attracting many tourists. It has many other blooming flowers year round. You will also find cycling trails and a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel.

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms coffee cart_72

Colleen spotted this coffee cart but decided to look for another coffee source that had English written on the menu board. The only English was the cart’s unique name – Sweet Jokers Café!

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms park_72

While waiting for the bus to continue on her travel adventure, Colleen rested with her Kindle. She enjoyed a piece of Hawaiian sweet mochi and refreshing aisu kohi (iced coffee). Next adventure for Colleen and the Travelin’ Cherry Blossoms Kup Kollar – Tokyo!


Exploring the outdoors at Dollywood

Sunday, April 26th, 2015
2015 Aug 18 Dollywood Outside Friendship Fountain_72

Go Green Kup Kollar on 24 ounce water bottle

The coolness of my water bottle and resting at the Friendship Fountain was a refreshing break from exploring the grounds of Dollywood. I read the names of Dolly’s celebrity friends who have performed at or visited the theme park.

Written on the fountain sign Dolly said, “In my career, the moments that shine the brightest are those I’ve shared with my friends and family, and I’m truly honored to make them a lasting part of my Friendship Fountain here at Dollywood.”


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood Outside creek trees_72

The landscaping of Dollywood is as beautiful as the surrounding Smokey Mountains. I shot this peaceful photo while standing on a small bridge.


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood Outside birdhouse_72

I think if I were a bird, I would live in this unique bird house!


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood Outside red wagon_72

This is a working barn for making a variety of hand crafted wagons. The sign on this beauty said Painted Parade Spring Wagon. If I had had $7654.00 and a horse, I could have driven it out of the park! “Yee Haw!”


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood Outside Grist Mill_72

The Grist Mill was built in 1982.It’s the first fully functioning mill built in Tennessee in more than a hundred years. It’s a replica of mills used to grind bushels of corn and wheat for people living in the Smokey Mountains over a century ago. The Dollywood mill is famous for its fresh-baked cinnamon bread!


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood Outside ducks rain_72

Near closing time, it began to rain. My spirits weren’t dampened anymore than these ducks because I had a fantastic time exploring Dollywood!


Spotlight Bakery and Sandwich Shop in Dollywood

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

2015 Aug 18 Dollywood bakery outside Perry in window_72

We started our day at Dollywood by eating in the Spotlight Bakery and Sandwich Shop which is located near the entrance. We split the large serving portions of lunch but we each had our own dessert. :-)


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood bakery lunch_72

Fiesta Kup Kollar on 14 ounce cold cup.
Tools Kup Kollar on 12 ounce hot take-out cup.

The club sandwich made with a buttery croissant was fresh and filling, every piece of fruit was delicious, and the desserts were wonderful. Perry said his coffee was very good. My only complaint – they didn’t serve ice tea only soft drinks! I had ice water in my take-out cup.


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood bakery birthday cake_72

In the window of the Spotlight Bakery, I discovered a happy birthday cake for Dolly. I assume it was a prop because her birthday is in January and we were there in August.


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood stage cans instrument_72

We left the bakery and walked to the Dreamsong Theater to see a musical show called “My People”. This musical instrument was one of several unique aspects of the show. It’s a remodeled dinette chair, baking pan, tin cans, and a glass milk bottle. The musician is using drum sticks to play it.


Singer Dolly Parton and Dollywood

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

2015 Aug 11 Plane Koll knitting

There are always two things I bring when I fly — a Kup Kollar and a knitting project. Before boarding at the Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport, I stopped by Freshens Smoothies and Yogurt for a “Citrus Mango” smoothie. It was excellent! I like to drink smoothies because they are healthy, easy on my stomach, and no smells to offend other passengers.

As I sipped my Freshens smoothie and clicked my needles, I thought ahead to fulfilling my dream of going to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

2015 Aug 18 Dollywood front entrance sign_72

I became a fan of Dolly Parton about 1970. As I followed her career, I admired her on stage and off for her continual work to make the world a better place for others. She began the Dollywood Foundation which oversees the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

It began in Sevier County, Tennessee where she was born into a family of twelve children. Every child in the county is eligible to receive a free age appropriate book each month by mail until they are five years old. The program has expanded across the USA and into Canada and the United Kingdom.

2015 Aug 18 Dollywood coat of many colors

Dolly Parton and I share some similarities. We are war babies or Baby Boomers born in 1946. We were children of the 50’s and teenagers during the early 60’s. We both graduated from high school in 1964.

My mom sewed all my clothes too but she only had two daughters to clothe! I was thrilled to find the coat Dolly’s mom sewed for her that inspired her to write one of my favorite songs, “Coat of Many Colors”. It was in the Chasing Rainbows Museum.

2015 Aug 18 Dollywood wedding photos_72

Dolly and I married handsome young men in our very early 20’s. We both wore knee length wedding gowns and head veils. She and Carl Dean are still married. She’s quoted to say with a smile, “He’s good for me, cause he’s so different in nature from me.”

Perry and I are opposites also which brings balance and turmoil to our relationship but never boredom!

2015 Aug 18 Dollywood stage lg TV_72

And of course Dolly and I share a love for country music written and recorded long before we were born. Dolly’s music was so familiar to my family that my two year old daughter recognized Dolly’s singing voice every time she heard it. “Mommie, Mommie, it’s Dolly!” she would exclaim.

We enjoyed a musical show “My People” at the Dreamsong Theater in Dollywood.  Many of the performers are Dolly’s family members. A video of Dolly ran on a huge screen. Throughout the show she “talked to and sang with” the band. The show was unique and well done!