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School Days – Thinsulate insulate large wraps for water bottles

Thursday, August 27th, 2015
Kollar Annie Aug 2014 teacher things_72

Pretty Pinks Kup Kollar on a 16 ounce glass of iced water.

Can you tell Ms R. likes pink and black? The Pretty Pinks Kup Kollar was a perfect match for her school supplies. It fits in her carry bag to use at school or in her vehicle.

Kollar Grande School water bottle apple_72

Daze Kup Kollar Grande on 33 ounce water bottle.

Teachers often quench their thirst and stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle on their desks. Thinsulate insulated Kup Kollars keep the water colder, longer. It comes in two sizes for 24 and 33 ounce bottles. If you know a teacher who does this, slip one on their bottle for a nice surprise!

School Days – Post 4 of 4

Post 1. Strawberry Tea instead of plain fruit juice 

Post 2. Silk Nog or Oregon Chai for French toast recipe 

Post 3. Give Koffee Kompanions gifts to school teachers


School Days – Give Koffee Kompanions gifts to school teachers

Monday, August 24th, 2015
Annie's room 2 a_72

First grade classroom ready for students.

If you were a first grader, wouldn’t you love to walk into this colorful classroom every day? For twenty years, Mrs. R. has been creating classrooms like this for her young students. On her Facebook page, she admitted she had help on set-up day.

Mrs. R. posted with room photos, “’Teacher kids’ sure can help put up a classroom fast. I love that my two teenagers have been helping me since they were toddlers. They walk in my classroom & BAM BABY!!! Done!!!”


Kollar School 2Koll Kap_72

Kup Kollar on 12 ounce hot take-out cup,
School Daze Kup Kollar Grande on 33 ounce cold cup,
Daisies Kup Kap on teacher mug.

The next time you want to give a unique gift to a teacher—remember everybody drinks something! Our products prevent desk puddles from condensation on cold drinks, keep airborne things out of mugs, and hold in heat or cold during interruptions.

Teachers are special. Shouldn’t we give them thoughtful cool gifts?


HI Kap Koll teal_96

Tropical Dolphins Kup Kap on mug,
Hawaiian Teal Kup Kollar on iced drink.

P.S.  Special Teachers, if you would like a Kup Kap or Kup Kollar for a gift, may we suggest you give a hint by sharing this blog post? :-)

School Days – Post 3 of 4

Post 1. Strawberry Tea instead of plain fruit juice 

Post 2. Silk Nog or Oregon Chai for French toast recipe


School Days – Oregon Chai for French toast recipe

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015
Kollar School strawberry tea breakfst_72

School Daze Kup Kollar on glass of iced strawberry tea.

Getting ready for school isn’t easy for teachers or their students. Even so, it’s a good idea to organize time and tasks so eating a healthy breakfast are part of the school day’s beginning.

French toast is a tasty breakfast food I call “gourmet cooked eggs and toast”. You can soak a piece of bread in a beaten egg, sprinkle spices on top, and grill in a pan. Or you can treat yourself to this delicious Silk Nog French toast recipe. To save time, make the recipe over the weekend and store in your refrigerator. Soak pieces of dry bread in the egg mixture, grill in a pan, and enjoy a gourmet breakfast midweek!

Silk Nog is only available during the winter holiday season. The rest of the year, you can substitute Oregon Chai milk for the Silk Nog.

School Days – Post 2 of 4

Post 1. Strawberry Tea instead of plain fruit juice


School Days – Strawberry Tea instead of plain fruit juice

Monday, August 17th, 2015
Kollar Strawberry cold strawberry tea_72

Strawberries Kup Kollar on a glass of iced strawberry tea.

Begin the school year with a new idea for breakfast. Instead of a plain glass of fruit juice, brew up a pitcher of strawberry tea to drink for the week. It’s a quick and easy recipe from Taste of Home.

I brewed Twinings of London Lady Grey Tea. The Twinings tea bag describes it as a “delicious black tea with a light and gentle citrus flavor that is both relaxing and refreshing.” The citrus flavor blended well with the strawberries and lemons. Enjoy!

Iced Strawberry Tea Recipe


·        1 pint fresh strawberries

·        4 cups brewed tea, chilled

·        1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar

·        1/4 cup lemon juice

·        Ice cubes


1. Set aside five strawberries. Place the remaining strawberries in blender; cover and puree. Strain into pitcher. Stir in the tea, sugar and lemon juice until sugar is dissolved. Chill.

2. Serve in chilled glasses over ice. Garnish with reserved berries.

Yield: 5 cups.

School Days – Post 1 of 4


Fun Planters and Vases – Prep for recycled coffee bag planting project

Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Decorations Plants coffee bag_72

Kats in Hats Kup Kollar on 20 ounce glass.

Prepare your favorite iced coffee drink (recipe) to enjoy while you repot new house plants. Use a cup sleeve on the glass so the ice won’t melt as fast. Next gather everything you need including empty coffee bags. I always move to the deck because it’s easier to clean up outdoors.

Before spooning the potting soil into the coffee bag, cut off the top of a small box. Put the box inside the coffee bag to reinforce it and maintain its shape. I found a Lactaid 60 caplets box fits perfectly.

Coffee Tea Planters and Vases – Post 1 of 4


July 4th Celebrations: Wraps for drinks on the deck

Monday, July 20th, 2015
Kollar flags Burns deck July 4_72

Independents Kup Kollar on mixed drink glass.

July 4th is one of our summer holidays that moves people outdoors for fun and food. Kup Kollars not only keep drinks cold longer, but also help people identify their drinks. Holiday wraps become part of the celebration’s decorations. Decorating for Fall holiday fun and food is coming soon!


Burns 2015 July 4 Fireworks burst_72

I hope your Fourth of July fireworks were bright and beautiful!

July 4th Celebrations – Post 1 of 2


Easy Oatmeal Granola recipe

Sunday, July 5th, 2015
Kollar Granola Chai Cherry Blossoms_72

Cherry Blossoms Kup Kollar on glass of cold milk.

Oatmeal granola is a healthy breakfast for me because it helps lower cholesterol. My recipe makes seventeen cups which saves time and energy. I store it in a large Tupperware container kept in the refrigerator. You can add dried or fresh fruit to your bowl of granola. Healthy foods can taste good!

Oatmeal Granola Recipe

Pour into 12X18x2 pan:

  • 18 cups oatmeal
  • 10 ounce bag of sliced almonds

Heat on stove top until melted and blended:

  • 1 ½ cup raw honey
  • 1 ½ cup water
  • 4 teaspoons vanilla
  • ¾ cup olive oil

Pour over oats mixture, stir to coat, and bake: 

  • 325 degrees for 15 minutes

Oatmeal Granola Recipe – Post 1 of 3


Iced coffee cold brewing in French press with cozy

Sunday, June 28th, 2015
Kozee Iced coffee lunch Koll lg _96

Coffee Drinks Kup Kollar on drinking glass.
Coffee Recipes Koffee Kozee over French press.

You don’t need to visit a coffee shop to enjoy iced coffee. You can use your French press and the cold brewing method to make it at home. Use frozen coffee ice cubes to keep the flavor in your beverage. Put a Koffee Kozee over your French press to keep the coffee colder, longer. Enjoy!


Travelin’ Kup Kollar in France?

Thursday, June 25th, 2015
Japan koll Vie de France train stations_72

Cherry Blossoms Kup Kollar on a glass filled with iced coffee.

Colleen has learned Japan is as international as her own country. Several chains like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Starbucks from the United States are located in Japan. She has also enjoyed Italian and Mexican food to name a few.

News from Colleen and the Travelin’ Kup Kollar in the Kobe Train Station: 

“Travlin’ Kup Kollar in France! Juuuuust kidding. It’s Vie de France, a French-style bakery chain in Japan, found at many train stations. The puffy bun has apple and cheese inside it. The restaurant is playing cute French music, too. It’s a nice backdrop to my people watching and pastry.”


Travelin’ Kup Kollar in Osaka, Japan

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms Starbucks spinach wrap_72

News from Colleen and the Travelin’ Kup Kollar:

“Hello, Koffee Kompanions! My cherry blossoms Kup Kollar looks right at home this morning at a Starbucks in Osaka, Japan. I’m drinking my favorite drink – iced coffee with milk and sweetener. The Caesar chicken wrap is yummy. The wrap is green probably made with spinach.”