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White sandy beaches at Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Monday, July 21st, 2014

2008 Sept 15-23 7149 suncreen water in waves_96

I always have a water bottle and sunscreen with me when I go to the beach in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Salt water dehydrates a person quickly. My fair skin burns in 10 minutes.

This is important information worthy of mentioning on my blog so I decided to shoot photos for a blog post. I thought it should be easy; however, the ocean decided to challenge me!

2008 Sept 15-23 7152 knocked over bottles_96



















Even small waves became a problem causing me to run after the water bottle or sunscreen before the wave took them out to sea!


Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5705 Mary Mac's Tea Room 2 meals_72

Mary Mac’s Tea Room isn’t your typical tea room. The menu will list southern food dishes rather than tea flavors. In southern style you will eat fried foods, several vegetables, bread with butter, and drink several glasses of iced tea. Because I grew up in the south — that’s kool.

Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5707 Mary Mac's Tea Room 1 meal_72

While my cup wrap soaked up all the wet on my cold glass, I enjoyed some of my favorite foods — fried catfish, black-eye peas, friend okra, and carrot raisin salad!

Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5710 Mary Mac's Tea Room dessert_72










Georgia – large sweet peaches – peach cobbler for dessert!


Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5713 Mary Mac's Tea Room Scarlet_72

A portrait of Miss Scarlett reminded me of her tumultuous relationship with Rhett Butler in the movie “Gone with the Wind” which I’ve watched many times on Turner Classic Movies.

Rhett Butler: “Here’s a soldier of the South who loves you, Scarlett. Wants to feel your arms around him, wants to carry the memory of your kisses into battle with him. Never mind about loving me, you’re a woman sending a soldier to his death with a beautiful memory. Scarlett! Kiss me! Kiss me… once…” And he kisses her passionately. That’s hot!


Exploring Atlanta, GA by foot

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5900 One Caffe Coffee  window seats_72

Perry and I ate at One Caffe Coffee before he taught his seminar. His latte coffee was “solid, better than Starbucks”. I enjoyed Twoleaves & a Bud peach flavor tea. Our food was fresh and tasty. That’s kool.

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5939 skyline flowers_72

Having no destination, I began walking. I found familiar pink flowers on Edgewood near a freshman GA Tech dormitory. I call these my birthday flowers. Growing up, my family had a large bush in our backyard that was in full bloom every June. My Mom always took my birthday photo in front of this bush.

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5955 Statue Totem_72



Moving on, I came upon a statue in John Calhoun Park. Done in 1993, it’s called “Ancestral Totem” by artist Ayokunle Odeleye. It was refreshing walking among the shade of the trees on this hot Atlanta day. 

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5962 tree trunk_72





Farther on I found Hurt Park that was part of the 2007-2008 Urban Intervention: The Beltline. The exhibit by artist Pandra Williams was called “Return of the Native Garden” planted with drought-resistant plants. I found it interesting that the street side walk was originally built around trees bordering the park.

Exploring Atlanta, GA in the summertime was very interesting. That is hot – very hot!


One Caffe Coffee shop Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5735 One Caffe Coffee Koll goodie_72

In June with temperatures near 100 degrees, I went into One Caffe Coffee for a cold iced tea. While the staff brewed the Alpine Berry tea, I noticed a box of the tea on their retail shelf made by Two leaves & a bud. I looked at the box and much to my surprise, discovered the tea company was located in Aspen, Colorado!

My drink had a refreshing fruity flavor that quenched my thirst. The cream cheese Danish was very fresh and delicious.

Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5728 One Caffe Coffee outside_72 (2)



Caffe Coffee is inside the end of this unique building located on 84 Peachtree Street NW.












 Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5728 One Caffe Coffee outside_72 (1)

It looks like a tiny elf shop!

Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5733 One Caffe Coffee inside_72

















Even though the shop is small, it has a supply counter for napkins, flavorings, etc, several shelves of retail, and a window counter to sit at for a view of the street and shops. I didn’t feel cramped or crowded. The two young ladies were very friendly and agreeable to my photo shoot.


Handcrafted Fusion Glass Jewelry

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

When my friend Mary asked if I wanted to join her for a fusion glass earrings class, I answered “Yes, that sounds like fun!” The earrings class turned into a new creative hobby. My hobby became part of my company. Women want fun accessories to wear to their favorite coffee shop or tea room!

Jewery making cutting 1_72

Because I designed and worked for several hours, I brought a large frozen fruit smoothie I blended with non fat yogurt to each session. The Kup Kollar Grande allowed it to melt slowly. I sipped while I drew designs, cut glass, and glued pieces together.

Jewery making before set_72

The cut pieces are from four different colors of glass. The pieces are glued together and ready for firing in a very hot kiln.


J18 Springtime 1_Lg72

J18 Springtime_Lg72

J18 Springtime_Lg72

J18 Springtime_Lg72

Seeing my creations after the firing is always exciting!

Thank you, Coral, owner of Full Spectrum Art Glass Supply in Colorado Springs, for your patience and encyclopedic knowledge of glass fusion techniques!


Boulder Caffeine Crawl – the Cup Espressocafe

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Shop #4 on the Boulder Caffeine Crawl was the Cup Espressocafe on Pearl Street. After shooting photos, I chatted with Wendy, one of the owners. She answered several questions, we shared some of our business experiences as women in the coffee industry, and I showed her the Kup Kollar donated for the goodie bags.

Our samples were brewed Kyoto style which is a popular method in Japan. The water slowly makes its way down the brewer at a rate of one drip in forty seconds. It takes about two hours for the first drip to hit the bottom carafe. The drip is adjusted as the coffee blooms. A filter at the top spreads out the drip to avoid tunneling in one spot.

Wendy is preparing our samples while questions are answered.

Our cup of Toddy fair trade coffee had a slice of banana nut bread on the saucer for an added treat. I didn’t need a Kup Kap because the coffee was poured into the cup over ice.

Real men eat quiche, so I suspect there are many real men coming in to the shop!

I asked Wendy why were there hockey skates displayed near the ceiling of the shop. She told me that she is a HUGE hockey fan. Having spent many hours in ice rinks watching hockey games as a hockey mom and a fan of the Air Force Academy Falcons, I understand her enthusiasm!

Enjoy more 2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl photos!


Boulder Caffeine Crawl – Ozo Coffee

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Four days before the Caffeine Crawl, Perry had a business meeting in Boulder. We stopped in at Ozo Coffee because our son recommended the shop. Perry ordered a 12 ounce cappuccino in a latte cup. He said it was excellent and was pleased to have two full shots. His orange scone tasted homemade and fresh. My refreshing orange juice was poured behind the counter. The staffer asked if I wanted it over ice. My chocolate chip cookie was soft, chewy, and delicious.

The friendly staff gave us excellent customer service. They were upbeat and seemed to enjoy working the coffee scene. The shop was very busy the entire time we were there.

Our second Boulder Caffeine Crawl stop was Ozo Coffee on Pearl Street. The staff brewed the same coffee and a 1 to 17 ratio of coffee to water measuring to exact gram in three different brewing methods. They used a French press, Chemex, and Pour over coffee brewers.

The Crawl walkers watched and learned while the staff demonstrated the three brewing methods.

The staffer is labeling the sample cups with the name of the brewing method used.

The staffer is pouring coffee brewed in the Chemex into the sample cups.

Samples drunk! Perry’s taste buds reported, “The Chemex produced an intermediate medium robust flavor and carried a floral taste. The Pour over had a lighter, weaker flavor but isolated the flavors of the beans. My favorite, the French Press, brewed a bold, strong coffee with the flavor of all the beans blended together.”

The staff patiently answered questions from the Crawl walkers.

Perry, my loyal helper, took notes for me while I shot photos. Enjoy more 2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl photos!


2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl by The LAB

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Founded by Jason Burton, The LAB connects specialty beverage companies with consumers through social media, public relations, and networking. LAB team members share beverage news and create unique marketing solutions for the industry. They plan events and travel to cities across the country. Last weekend The LAB team came to Boulder, Colorado for a Caffeine Crawl.

Each person received a goodie bag with a Barista magazine, water bottle, Caffeine Crawl button pin, cute mug, Two Leaves and a Bud teabags and coupon, Wholesome Sweeteners and coupon, Yelpstick lip balm, and a raffle ticket. Koffee Kompanions added a Kup Kollar cup wrap!

The crawl walkers gathered at 13th and Pearl Street between 10:00 and 10:30 am. The weather was Colorado perfect!

These kool red tennis shoes led our group for about 5 hours of adventure and fun!

Jason of the kool tennis shoes, used his phone to shoot photos, keep in touch with the other tour guides, and receive game information about his 5 year old son’s first soccer game. Having stood on soccer field side lines for many games played by my daughter and son, I shared his excitement when he read that his son had scored a goal!

Jason, clip board in hand, explained the drill. The aloof man wearing black is Kent. He and Naomi led two other groups of crawl walkers.

Sean and Colleen helped carry our goodie bags and my backpack. Colleen used her phone to send photos to her friends and tell them where she was along the Crawl route.

It was time to move down Pearl Street to our first stop. The kool red tennis shoes were on the move!

Enjoy more 2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl photos!


Flying American Airlines from the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference 2012

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Waiting in the Dallas airport, we heard Perry’s name called. When he returned from the American Airlines desk, he told me, “The bad news is we were bumped from our exit row seats. The good news is we were put into first class.”

We were served a wonderful meal in our comfy seats – moist baked chicken, sweet potatoes with a creamy sauce, and a fresh salad with artichokes, black olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms. The peanut butter cheese cake was yummy! My Pretty Pink cup wrap kept my diet coke icy cold.

After eating our meal, Perry sipped a second mug of hot coffee covered with a Kup Kap while he read on his Kindle.

I love taking photos out the plane window!


Last day at Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference 2012

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

I saw this cup in the hotel lobby. I assumed the drinker wasn’t attending the Mayborn Literary Conference because they received recyclable cup wraps in their goodie bags!

The napkin says, “Recycle it – again.” It explained how the napkin was made from recyclable materials then asked the user to recycle the napkin when he/she finished using it.

Someone needs a lesson in saving the planet!