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Inexpensive dining table centerpiece for the holidays

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Decorations Nov 2013  3 bottles flowers_72

After we ate the mustard and sauces in the six-sided bottles, I decided to recycle them for flower containers because of their shapes and various heights. I bought a fresh flower bouquet from the florist shop inside King Soopers to divide among the bottles. I created this dining table centerpiece for only $5.00, the cost of the flowers!


Thinsulate Insulated Coffee Carafe Cozy

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

There are coffee cozies for French presses so why not design one for carafes used with automatic drip coffee brewers?

That’s exactly what Koffee Kompanions did!

Noting that coffee carafes with electric coffee makers are the same size and shape as many teapots, we tried our large tea cozy on a 12 cup carafe and found it a perfect fit. We designed the Coffee Carafe Cozy with the same fabric print used for Kozee Y – Architecture of Coffee used on French presses. It has the same 200 weight Thinsulate Insulation by 3M that is in all our other products. Your coffee will stay drinkable for at least 60 minutes!

Want to move your coffee carafe to your office, work station, or craft area? Put a cozy on it. Don’t forget your Kup Kap for your mug. You won’t have to hurry to finish your coffee before it gets cold!

Want to move your carafe to your dining table? A cozy not only keeps your brew hotter, longer but also makes your table setting prettier!

Want to surprise someone special with breakfast in bed? You know what to do!


St. Patrick’s Day Tea Party

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Not everyone drank green beer on St. Patrick’s Day! Pam hosted a fabulous tea party for her friends in SD. She shared photos and emailed,

“I hosted a Saint Patrick’s Day tea party on Wednesday and am enclosing photos of the tea table complete with your Kup Kaps. I forgot to take a photo of my guests using them during the tea but I can assure you they were a great addition to the party. My guests loved them and discovered quickly that they do indeed keep the tea warm for a much greater length of time! They all asked where I got them and I told them and gave all of them the information you sent in the packaging of each Kup Kap. I love mine and use it all the time! Thank you for helping make my Irish Tea Party a success!”

Thank you, Pam, for sharing!


Use the Rule of Three for recycled coffee bags

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Bagels Kup Kollar on 20 ounce glass.

Enjoy your favorite iced coffee drink while you repot new house plants. Use a cup sleeve on the glass so the ice won’t melt as fast. Next gather everything you need including empty coffee bags. I always move to the deck because it’s easier to clean up outdoors.

Before spooning the potting soil into the coffee bag, cut off the top of a small box. Put the box inside the coffee bag to reinforce it and maintain its shape. I found a Lactaid 60 caplets box fits perfectly.

When I set my plants in the bay window, I applied the Rule of Three for room accessories which requires grouping in threes or odd numbers. The accessories are tied together by color, finish, or theme. Arrangements are more interesting when you use different heights.

Tea drinkers can use their tea tins for plants. Cups and saucers make pretty planters also. I added silk flowers to a teapot to make an attractive grouping using the Rule of Three.


Silk Nog French toast recipe

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Small size Music and Roses Koffee Kozee on a 2-cup French press and
a Music Krescendo Kup Kap on the china teacup.

If you’re lucky enough to have Silk Nog left over from your New Year’s Eve celebration, prepare a delicious breakfast tray with fresh French press coffee under a coffee cozy and Silk Nog French toast. Add fresh raspberries and a vase of flowers for color. It’s a great way to begin 2011!

Silk Nog French toast recipe 

6 thick slices of bread (any kind but slightly older French or white bread works best)
2 eggs or egg substitute
2/3 cup Silk Nog
Nutmeg or cinnamon to taste
1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract (optional)

Beat together the egg, milk, spices and flavorings. Heat griddle or skillet at a medium high heat. Use cooking spray, butter, or vegetable oil for cooking. Dip each slice of bread in the liquid mixture, soaking both sides. Put in the skillet and cook on both sides until golden brown. Keep warm in oven turned on low until ready to serve.

* From WhiteWave Foods Company


Tea Time is a fantastic magazine!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Kup Kollars and Kup Kaps will enhance your tea experience.

Tea Time magazine is a great source book for everything tea. The bi-monthly magazine highlights a particular type of tea including brewing tips, profiles tea rooms around the country, gives unique ideas for hosting your own tea parties, shares delicious recipes for foods to accompany tea, illustrates table settings, and has a calendar for tea events. The photos are works of art! 

Whether you are a tea lover or have just discovered the joys of drinking tea, I recommend Tea Time magazine!   


Island Coconut (Ice) Cream Pie from Boulder Ice Cream

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

You can prepare this dessert from Boulder Ice Cream in a short time but your guests will think you slaved for hours! Serve with frosty drinks using colorful Hawaiian cup sleeves on the glasses.

cup wrap lid coffee tea tisane Thinsulate beverage                                                                                                          Island Coconut (Ice) Cream Pie

1. Slightly soften a pint of Boulder Ice Cream Coconut flavor.

2. Spoon it into a graham-cracker pie crust and freeze.

3. Just before serving, sprinkle grated coconut on the pie and decorate with cut pieces of fruits such as pineapple, mangos, kiwi, and oranges. 

July is National Ice cream Month. We suggest you use a Kream Kollar and begin taste testing your favorite flavors this month!


Asian Tea set with matching Tea Tabard (tea cozy

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

tea cozy cosy teapot herbal Thinsualte insulation,cup lid coffee tea tisane Thinsulate insulation,Asian                                                                          

Friends invited Perry and I to stay in their townhome in Woodstock, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Because I have seen Asian decorator items in Diane’s home, I decided to give her an Asian tea set and matching Asian Floral Tea Tabard (tea cozy) and Kup Kaps (cup lids). I found this beautiful set in Denver while visiting Sean and Pam. 

tea cozy cosy teapot herbal Thinsualte insulation,Asian                                                                                                                                                 A beautiful setting for a delicious dinner and Jasmine tea!


Breakfast tray with French press coffee or tea

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

cozy cosy coffee tea French press plunger pot brew                                                                                            

For a special treat, serve French press coffee or tea on a breakfast tray. Use a Koffee Kozee (coffee cozy) on the French press and a Kup Kap (cup lid) on the cup to keep the brew hotter, longer. The music fabric gives style to the tray. Add French toast topped with fresh raspberries and a vase of roses for a guaranteed hug!


For your holiday table, serve with a snowman coffee or tea cozy

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
Snowmen family reunion and teapot

Snowmen Family Reunion Tea Tabard on a teapot.

Who can look at a snowman and not smile? Perhaps you remember building one on a frosty morning or creating one in a craft project. Snowmen star in songs, movies, comic strips, and books. They adorn our homes as collectables and smile from fabric prints. 

I think of snowmen built with three varying size balls of snow, but in the United Kingdom and Japan, they are made with two balls of snow–one for the body and one for the head. Japanese snowmen have twigs for arms, pieces of charcoal for facial features, and a bucket for a hat.

Snowmen Tab Koz Gift idea

Snowmen and Bird Friends Tea Tabard on a teapot.
Angel Snowman Koffee Kozee on a French press.

Your holiday guests will appreciate these snowmen tea cozies and French press coffee cozies because hot beverages stay tastier, longer with no need to reheat. 

For creative place setting name tags to use on your holiday table, wash a plastic drink container from your favorite coffee shop, fill with colorful holiday candies, slip on a Kup Kollar, and add a name tag. Your guests will take home sweets and a cup sleeve to use the next time they enjoy a hot or cold drink!