Coffee cozy and cold drink sleeve in 30 designs

What's kool about a Kup Kollar

Our coffee cup cozy keeps drinks hotter or colder longer using Thinsulate™ insulation by 3M

* This drink sleeve protects your hands from cold wet moisture or excessive heat, reduces surface puddles, and prevents drips on your clothes

* Our coffee collar slips onto 12- to 24-ounce hot and cold take-out cups, tapered glasses, and some 24-ounce water bottles and beer bottles

Folds flat and truly recycles--easy to care for in your washer and dryer


Your cozy-time story

Your morning commute is making you crazy again. But this time you stopped at your favorite coffee drive-thru for a cappuccino and pulled a Kup Kollar coffee cozy from your cup holder to keep it hot. You take advantage of the stopped traffic to sip a bit of the frothy delight. Those honking horns can't bug you now--you're in your cozy time!