How to brew tea better at home with loose leaves and a teapot cozy

Tea infuser basket.jpg

1. Use fresh water and a glass teakettle or electric pot to heat it to a boil.

2. Use an infuser basket to hold the tea while brewing. Place one tablespoon of loose tea in your teapot for each 8-ounce cup of tea.

3. Pour water just off the boil over the infuser and into the pot: 8 ounces of water per cup.

4. Set timer for at least 3 minutes but follow the tea company’s recommendations whenever possible. Earl Gray, for example, takes 4-5 minutes to bring out the Bergamot infusion.


5. While brewing, keep tea at 195° or hotter by covering it with a Koffee Kompanions™ Tea Tabard teapot cozy—designed with premium 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation for better heat retention and a curved bottom to make the cozy hug flat surfaces.


6. Remove the infuser and keep your Tabard teapot cover on the pot to maintain best temperature for up to an hour.

7. Use the Tabard as a hot pad to hold the teapot and pour your “cuppa”; then let the teapot cozy settle right down over the pot to keep it hot.

 8.  If you prefer to brew your loose tea one cup or mug at a time, use a single-cup infuser to hold the leaves and follow the same directions for amount of tea and water per 8 ounces. These infusers come in several styles that rest on top of, or drop into, the cup.

Single cup infuser_Design one.jpg
Single cup infuser_Design two.jpg
Single cup infuser_Design three.jpg

9. While brewing tea in your cup or sipping it with your favorite snack, use a Koffee Kompanions cup cover to maintain its temperature for delicious flavor. These Kup Kaps™ are designed with premium Thinsulate insulation and food-safe vinyl to seal in the heat.