How our products are saving the planet

Whether you call them sleeves, clutches, paper zarfs, or one of a handful of other obscure names, you’re probably familiar with the small piece of cardboard around your disposable coffee cup. It tries to keep your hands from facing the scalding hot reality of your morning fix. But have you thought about how the standard coffee sleeve affects the environment? Or if you’re a business owner, don’t you wish you could cut costs and reduce waste for your coffee shop? Koffee Kompanions is here to help you solve your cup sleeve problems, whether you’re a consumer or business owner.

How can I help save the environment as a consumer?

Did you know the average person, buying one cup (12oz.) of coffee per day, will produce more than 17lbs of waste per year? That’s a lot of cups, lids, and sleeves in the trash that could have been avoided if we all had decided to invest in reusable products for our morning habits. You’re saying to yourself, my morning cup of joe is more convenient than washing and reusing a cup from home. That’s absolutely correct, but what if you could prevent the cutting down of 20 million trees that make up the paper cups you’re throwing away every day? The point is, we all need to do more to prevent more cups, lids, and sleeves from being used and thrown away. Choose a more sustainable option and help us help the planet!

How can Koffee Kompanions help me lower my costs as business owner?

Not only are we helping consumers find a more sustainable option for their caffeine addition, we’re also looking to save your small business money! On average, the typical espresso drive-thru sells 200-300 cups of espresso and coffee-based drinks per day. At three cents per cup sleeve and 250 cups, these coffee shops would be spending $7.50 on sleeves alone. Our product costs $6.50, and one customer who buys and uses our Kup Kollar regularly would pay for nearly all your cardboard-loving customers. Think about the $232.50 or more you could be saving per month! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your local business depend less on cardboard products and focus more on profit.