Gifts for Texas coffee lovers

Coll May 08 Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Memorial Day weekend, Mike and Colleen drove south to Texas to visit Mike's family. Friday night they stayed in Canyon, Texas. On Saturday, they went mountain biking in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Colleen said the fun trails were a little harder than she thought they would be and it was really HOT, even though it was morning when they rode. She added they had a lot of fun!

B Coffee Lubbock

Mike is enjoying his hot brew wrapped in a Kup Kollar at J&B Coffee in Lubbock. His parents are coffee drinkers so he decided to shop at Koffee Kompanions online store for gifts to give them. He gave them each a Kup Kollar (cup wrap) and a Kup Kap (cup lid). He chose fabrics he thought they would like.

Coll May 08 Jean

Jean, Mike's Mom, holds her new Blue Bandana Kup Kollar which coordinates beautifully with her embroidered denim shirt. Colleen's Gray & Black Kup Kollar looks stylish with her black slacks and pink tee. Perhaps they have started a new fashion trend in Lubbock, Texas!