Gift ideas using tea and coffee cozies, cup wraps, and cup lids

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June is a big gift giving month for graduates, dads, brides, teachers, and saying thank you to hosts on our summer travels. It's special in my family because Sean and I celebrate out birthdays on June 16 and 13! Beverage accessories added to decorator bags stuffed with colorful tissue make unique and creative gifts. Everybody drinks beverages!

Put a golf balls and tees Kup Kollar (cup wrap) and a Kup Kap (cup lid) in a golf bag with for the golfer on your list. Add a small bag of tees.

A Kup Kap with silk flowers in a shiny bag makes a wonderful thank you gift.

For the coffee drinker, put together coordinating French press cozy, Kup Kaps and Kup Kollars with a bag of fresh coffee beans from your local roaster.

And for brides and grooms, use a tea cozy with matching Kup Kaps. Put in several boxes of tea for a Tea for Two theme.