Mary braves blistering Texas heat to find her water bottle cup sleeve!

Kollar and Kollar Grande western

Mary, my long time friend and customer, emailed me:

I took my car in for its 25K checkup, oil change and safety sticker. While waiting, I browsed the showroom, the store, and the ladies room. I had a book, water bottle, purse, and a bag of goodies with me. As I was returning to my car, I asked a salesman if Toyota still made the Avalon.

He said, "They were on the lot". and he would show me one. I replied, "But it's so HOT today". It was 99 degrees and I was so hot lugging around so much paraphernalia. I proceeded, however, and took a look. We parted and I headed to my car, at which time, I noticed my Kup Kollar on my water bottle was missing. I thought "Ugh, where will I begin to look"? It was also extremely WINDY.

I chose to head back across the miserable car lot to the Avalon I'd looked at. As I approached the car, I looked around the neighboring cars and noticed the Kup Kollar under the back wheel of the car next to the one I'd looked at. Of course, I had to bend down on my knees with my arms full of junk and reach under the car. I couldn't wait to get back to my air conditioned car, while thinking, Irene's gonna love to hear this!