Denver Woman's Press Club tea

Readers threatre 5 08 food table

After Colleen and I came in the front door of the Denver Woman's Press Club house, we signed the guest book. There was a table set up with wine, tea, and coffee with huge sweet strawberries and delicious goodies. Before loading my plate, I took photos of my Kup Kap (cup lid) on the table. I'm always looking for a photo marketing opportunity!

Readers threatre 5 08 framed print

Before the reading, I went upstairs and found this framed print. It shows three ladies drinking tea. The sign attached to the table says  'Down with the men!" Sometimes I have those days too!

Readers threatre 5 08 bathtub club house

I also found this beautiful old bathtub upstairs. I won't reveal where I was sitting when I took the photo!