Denver Woman's Press Club tea and readers theatre

Readers threatre 5 08 front of club house

Colleen invited me to a tea and readers' theatre sponsored by the Denver Woman's Press Club on Saturday. They're located in this historic 1912 home on Logan Street. Founded in 1898, the club began as a protest to the Denver Press Club for men only. It's the oldest women's press club in the country.

We often read about the men who settled the West. In Denver, we have a long list of women who helped bring order and culture to the West! Did you know the unsinkable Molly Brown lived in Denver?

Readers threatre 5 08 back of club house

One of the members told us flower pots had been put out in the backyard to start their summer garden. Because Colleen is 5 inches taller than me, I had her stand on a curb in the parking lot next to the wooden fence, hold my camera high, and snap a photo over the fence. She did it in one shot!