Yarnharlot comes to Denver!

Yarnharlot 4709

I met Pam, Kathryn, Heather, and Lynn, Heather's non-knitting mom who tolerates the rest of us very well, in Highlands Ranch for a book signing at Tattered Cover Bookstore. We were there to hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, author of several humorous books about knitting and knitters. She's the Jerry Seinfield of the knitting world! Her entertaining blog is called Yarnharlot. Today she wrote about the difficulties of surviving in high altitude. It was funny to us who live here but not so for Stephanie, who was suffering from altitude sickness!

Yarnharlot 47012 pb

Because Yarnharlot's coffee cup looks so lonely in her blog photos, I gave her a Kup Kap (cup lid) and a Kup Kollar (coffee cozy) while she signed my book. The fabric has balls of yarn printed on it.

Yarnharlot 4715

Heather, Pam, and Kathryn chatted with Stephanie while I took photos.

yarnharlot Heather's photo

Pam forgot her Kup Kollar (coffee cozy) to use on her papercup of hot tea that she bought at the bookstore coffee shop. I loaned her my Kup Kollar so she wouldn't burn her fingers. A knitter has to protect her hands!