Federal Reserve Branch Bank of Kansas City – Denver branch tours

Created in 1913, the Federal Reserve System is a bank for banks, a bank for the U.S. government, and a supervisor and regulator of banks. Colorado is in the 10th district headed by the Federal Reserve Branch Bank of Kansas City. The Denver Branch offices are in downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall. Kevin and Shawn invited me to join them for a free tour of the Denver Branch. After going through security, we met our guide. We learned a lot of interesting facts about banking, transporting money,  check processing, and bomb sniffing dogs. We saw millions of dollars – through glass windows that looked into a room with many security cameras!

money cup sleeve wrap bank federal reserve                                                                                             

At the end of the tour, our guide gave us each a bag of shredded money. If you want a larger amount, you must have Treasury approval

After leaving the bank, Kevin, Shawn, and I ate a late lunch where I used my St. Patrick’s Day Kup Kollar (cup sleeve) on my glass of iced tea! 

money cup sleeve wrap bank federal reserve                                                                                               

This 20 dollar bill was issued in the 10th district. How can I tell? The letter J and number 10 below the left serial number identify the issuing Federal Reserve Bank!