For your holiday table, serve with a snowman coffee or tea cozy

Snowmen family reunion and teapot

Who can look at a snowman and not smile? Perhaps you remember building one on a frosty morning or creating one in a craft project. Snowmen star in songs, movies, comic strips, and books. They adorn our homes as collectables and smile from fabric prints.

I think of snowmen built with three varying size balls of snow, but in the United Kingdom and Japan, they are made with two balls of snow--one for the body and one for the head. Japanese snowmen have twigs for arms, pieces of charcoal for facial features, and a bucket for a hat.

Snowmen Tab Koz Gift idea

Your holiday guests will appreciate these snowmen tea cozies and French press coffee cozies because hot beverages stay tastier, longer with no need to reheat.

For creative place setting name tags to use on your holiday table, wash a plastic drink container from your favorite coffee shop, fill with colorful holiday candies, slip on a Kup Kollar, and add a name tag. Your guests will take home sweets and a cup sleeve to use the next time they enjoy a hot or cold drink!