Mug cozies to keep beverages hotter, longer

SmKozees Mug

Husband Perry had his 20 ounce ceramic mug filled with his favorite Sumatra estate coffee sitting on his desk. I noticed he had put his small Koffee Kozee (coffee cozy) for his French press coffee maker over his mug to hold in the heat. Perry told me the it worked well as a mug cosy!  

One of my favorite drinks is hot juice with mulling spices. I make mine using all natural spices from Olde Tradition Spice. They carry small spice bags that are used like tea bags. Their products contain no preservatives, sugar, or caffeine. I fill a very large mug with hot cranberry juice, put in a bag, cover the mug with my small Koffee Kozee, and enjoy while I knit!