Craft Beer

According to the Brewers Association in Boulder, Colorado, craft beer is “an all-malt (or nearly all-malt) beer made by any one of America's small, regional, micro- or pub-breweries.” It’s not brewed with rice or corn like the best-selling American beers. Craft beers use 100% barley or wheat malt, plus other fermentable ingredients for better flavor. Color ranges from pale to dark.

Sometimes craft beers include spices and unusual ingredients, such as maple syrup, raisins, chocolate, and sweet potatoes. For example, Strawberry Blonde by Pete’s Wicked was the 2002 Gold Medal winner in the International Specialty Beers Competition, Class 2. It’s a golden lager brewed with a touch of natural strawberry flavor!

Kollar pint beer glass

To enjoy your tasty pint of craft beer, use a Kup Kollar (cup sleeve) insulated with Thinsulate Insulation to maintain the beer’s drinking temperature longer!

Denver weekend Aug 08 drunk guy

This staggering young man had been enjoying his beer in downtown Denver. His hat says “Drink Responsibly” and he was by riding the city bus!

Thank you, Pam, for emailing the photo!