Boulder Muddy Buddy Race 2008

Coll 20 months July 75 Pine Valley house standing mud

Colleen developed a love for mud at 20 months old. 

Coll 20 months July 75 Pine Valley house sitting mud

She learned if she hit the mud with a long stick it would splatter in several directions for even more fun!

Colleen continues to enjoy activities in mud. She joined 2200 Coloradans at the Boulder Reservoir for the 2008 Boulder Muddy Buddy race starting at 7:15 am. It was 65 degrees – in August! 

The race involves two buddies, one bike, an obstacle course, and a mud pit. One person starts running, one rides the bike. Then each of them do an obstacle and switch places -- the runner picks up the bike and the biker starts running. You "leap frog" each other for the rest of the race, tackling more obstacles -- like a rope ladder, climbing wall, wading through the reservoir in hip-deep water, high balancing beam, and more.

Coll Janet Muddy Buddy 08 in pit

The last event was the most fun for Colleen because she and buddy Janet crawled through a large mud pit!

Coll Janet Muddy Buddy 08 crossing the line

Janet and Colleen crossing the finish line! 

Coll Janet Muddy Buddy 08

Janet and Colleen enjoyed a bottle of water after they finished the 5-6 mile race. They left their Kup Kollars (bottle wraps) at home for this event!