Kona Coffee Farmers Association in Hawaii

Kona Coffee Farmers are fighting a state law in Hawaii that allows coffee companies to mix only 10% Kona beans with cheaper, less quality beans from other countries and label the bags as a Kona blend. These bags sell for less money, are confusing to consumers who may not understand the difference between Kona coffee and Kona blends, and damage the reputation of Kona coffee.

The farmers have founded Kona Coffee Farmers Association. They’re working to get legislature passed that requires 75% Kona beans in the bag to label it a Kona blend. They also educate consumers and try to protect the Kona coffee heritage. All this and run their farms 24/7 so we can enjoy a delicious cup of 100% Kona coffee!

Smith coffee Kap

Beware the next time you buy Kona beans. Check the bag label to know what you’re buying. Visit Smithfarms web site and you are guaranteed hand-picked 100% Kona coffee beans in their green vacuum sealed bags. Don’t forget to use a Kup Kap to hold the heat in your souvenir Hawaiian mug from Hilo Hattie!