Red Hat Society tea cozy request

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Betty in Florida is a member of the Red Hat Society and a Koffee Kompanions customer. She used Kup Kollars (cup sleeves) and Kup Kaps (cup lids) in a red hat fabric print for door prizes at her Red Hat Society luncheon. Then she emailed with a very unusual request! 

“I was wondering if you ever make your Tea Tabard in a Red Hat print. I am the youngest member of my Red Hat Society group and I’m always looking for ways to give my ladies a chuckle. I thought since we’re having a Tea Party that I would definitely give them a hoot with a Tea Tabard for a hat. I have a kid size head so I think a small Tea Tabard would work.” 

When Betty gives a Tea Tabard (tea cozy) for a gift, she shares comments she receives about the cozies. 

“Your Koffee Kompanions are truly great and I take it from the newsletter they’re MADE IN THE USA. I forgot to tell you that my British daughter-in-law loved the one I got for her Fergie tea pot with matching tea cozy.” 

“I bought my first Tea Tabard four years ago when I was visiting my daughter who had just had a baby. It was for a friend who had spent four years in Scotland and loved her tea but sometimes had to warm it up before she was able to drink it. She still has it and loves it dearly!”