Koffee Kompanions customer loves her cup sleeves and mug lids!

Diane P. Kap Aug 02

Diane in Texas enjoys sitting on her patio with a cup of hot tea. She uses a Kup Kap (cup lid) on her tea mug to hold in the heat longer. The Kup Kap also keeps flying critters from swimming in her tea!

This summer Diane emailed Koffee Kompanions: “So, ok, I have to tell you my latest Kup Kollar story.  I bought some cute plastic glasses with fish on them, mainly to use outside.  Turns out they really sweat and even outside, I did not like that!  So I pulled out some Kup Kollars and as you know, no more sweating! Of course, you can no longer see the fishies but I'd rather cover up the fish than have a sweaty glass!”