Colorado Springs bakery-Boonzaaijer's Cakes & Pastries-the traveling wedding cake!

Steve's bakery Lauren bakery counter

Lauren, standing behind the counter of Boonzaaijer's Cakes & Pastries, has an associate degree in baking and pastry arts. When she and her fiancée needed a wedding cake, it was easy to know where to find one. The unique challenge was getting it to Kentucky, the location of the wedding!

Lauren boxed each tier separately then wrapped each box in newspaper. In a large cooler, she placed dry ice for 24 hours, a beach towel, and the three cake boxes. In 23 hours the cakes were safely in a Kentucky refrigerator!

Steve's bakery Lauren decorating

Lauren chose a three tier cake. The small tier was almond poppy, the medium size tier was chocolate with hazelnut, and the large tier was vanilla vanilla. Here she’s adding the finishing touches before the big day! 

Steve's bakery Lauren Grandma

Lauren baked a Kransekage for the rehearsal dinner. It’s a Danish cake used for weddings and special occasions. She and her Grandma are admiring her beautiful accomplishment. This was the first Kransekage that Lauren had ever baked!