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How to steam milk

When you're trying to make yourself a delicious latte or cappuccino, it's important to steam your milk just right. Our guide will help you become the "home barista" you've always dreamed of and more. The thick, smooth, and creamy milk in your drink will enhance the sweetness of your drink and make for an increadibly rich experience.

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How flavors can add to your coffee enjoyment

If you're a coffee drinker who likes to taste extra flavors in your coffee, this article will tell you more about how the nut and coffee industries have teamed up with science to expand your possibilities. Or, if you like to do it yourself, see how you can be your own master crafter of coffee-nut blends.


How to make French press coffee

If you love coffee, the French press is for you. It brews by steeping fresh coffee grounds in swirling hot water that contacts all sides of the grind and perfectly extracts oils and flavors. After the grounds steep, you use the plunger with its strainer screen to press down the grounds, leaving you with perfectly drinkable cups of joe.