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Irene, President

Perry, VP of Operations


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Koffee Kompanions
P. O. Box 49276
Colorado Springs, CO

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About us

Founder Irene draws designs for cup and saucer buttons that adorn her Kup Kaps (TM), one of the products she’s designed for sale through Koffee Kompanions. Her cozies, wraps, and cup caps keep hot beverages and food hot and cold beverages cold. 

Irene's company began with a pot of lukewarm coffee.  In 1996 her husband Perry asked her if she could design a custom French press cozy to keep the coffee in his plunger pot hotter.  An expert seamstress, she accepted the challenge.  The design worked so well—keeping coffee in the French press hot for up to an hour—that Perry asked, “Could you market this?”

“I thought he was kidding,” Irene recalled, but the idea intrigued her.

That was 20 years ago.  Now, her thriving business offers six products highlighted in the movie below, and Irene's fertile brain keeps suggesting more to develop and offer to you.