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What's so kool about a Kup Kollar?

* Our cup wrap keeps drinks hotter or colder longer using Thinsulate™ insulation by 3M

Protects your hands from cold wet moisture or excessive heat, reduces surface puddles, and prevents drips on your clothes

Slips onto 12- to 24-ounce hot and cold take-out cups, tapered glasses, and some 24-ounce water bottles and beer bottles

Folds flat and truly recycles--easy to care for in your washer and dryer

Shop below, mates!

"Top o' the morning to ya! I'm Kolleen Kollar recommending our lovely cup sleeves to you bonnie lads and lassies for your hot or cold cups, bottles, and tapered glasses!"


CozyTime Stories . . .

   * Your morning commute is making you crazy again. But this time you stopped at your favorite coffee drive-thru for a cappuccino and pulled a Kup Kollar cup cozy from your car holder to keep it hot. Those honking horns can't bug you now--you're in your cozy time!

   * After school, you meet a friend at a fast- food restaurant. When your cold drink arrives with your shoestring fries, you put a Kup Kollar cosy on it to keep the ice from melting and your hands nice and dry. Friends and fries--that's your cozy time!