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Valentine’s Day – gifts for hot chocolate lovers

Sunday, February 7th, 2016
Kap Chocolate Truffles cocoa mix_72

Chocolate Truffles Kup Kap on white mug

Is your special someone a connoisseur of cocoa and hot chocolate? Visit a specialty chocolate shop like Piece, Love, & Chocolate in Boulder, Colorado, for high quality hot chocolate mixes. Add a Kup Kap and a mug for a great gift idea. You might even get invited to enjoy a mug too!

Kap Choc Cholaca Koll in milk_72

Chocolate Truffles Kup Kap on glass mug
Chocolates Kup Kap on 16 ounce glass

A gift of Cholaca, a pure liquid cacao which is “the mother of all chocolate and one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods on Earth,” will make your special someone smile. This liquid chocolate is great hot or cold. Add in the Kup Kollar and Kup Kap to cover both!

Savory Spice Shop COS 2010 Kap hot chocolate_72

Music Krescendo Kup Kap on a glass measuring cup

Why not give your sweetie a variety of cocoas to enjoy? Savory Spice sells Dutch cocoa, Mexican Cocoa, and Mayan Cocoa in quality spice jars. Each cocoa has a distinct flavor. Add in a mug and a Kup Kap to keep the hot chocolate hot!

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Valentine’s Day – gifts for tea Lovers

Monday, February 1st, 2016
Tabard Tuxedo Kats mug Kap_72

Thinsulate insulated Tuxedo Kats Tea Tabard for teapots.
Cream & White Elegance Kup Kap on Love mug.

Is your special someone a tea lover? Then say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a Tuxedo Kats tea cozy and a coordinating mug. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered every time it’s used!


Tabard Tuxedo Kats mugs Kaps cake_72

Thinsulate insulated Tuxedo Kats Tea Tabard for teapots.
Cream & White Elegance Kup Kaps on musical mugs.

On Valentine’s Day give the gift of romance to your special someone. Brew and serve a delicious tea with the room lights dimmed and favorite music playing in the background. While looking into each other’s eyes with love, share a sweet cake. Keep the romance lingering as you slowly sip your tea and read poetry together.

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Cholaca – for coffee lovers

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
Kap Choc Cholaca in coffee_72

Thinsulate insulated Chocolate Truffles Kup Kap on mug.

Cholaca buys cacao beans from farms in Ecuador and Peru that use regenerative farming techniques. The liquid is rich in flavonoids and has a high level of antioxidants which means it’s a healthy drink for you.

If you’re a coffee lover, put a shot in your mug or make yourself a cup of hot mocha espresso. For me, the best way to drink coffee is put chocolate in it!

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Cholaca – Pure liquid cacao

Sunday, January 24th, 2016
Kap Choc Cholaca Koll in milk_72

Chocolate Truffles Kup Kap on mug
Chocolates Kup Kollar on 16 ounce glass.

Cholaca is pure liquid cacao which is “the mother of all chocolate and one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods on Earth” according to their web site. I would agree because it’s delicious hot or cold. I mix four ounces of milk with two ounces of Cholaca then heat or add ice cubes. It’s a liquid dessert!

There are three varieties of Cholaca – Unsweetened, Original, and Sweetened. The ingredients are organic fair trade cacao and water. Original and Sweetened are made with coconut sugar. There are no preservatives, additives, or emulsifiers.

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Texas family uses cup wraps — The Swimmers

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Ramirez 2015 Oct #1 swim meet

Ms Ann and Mr. Arty have two teenagers, Ryan and Alyssa. They have spent many hours in the water indoors or outdoors for fun and competition. Ms Ann designed this creative poster out of love for her children and Koffee Kompanions products! :-)


Kollar Cameo Ryan R_72

Ryan is the oldest. His Dad emailed:

“Ryan uses the camo one and you can see it every day on the counter, with his glass in his corner of the counter.  Everybody knows not to take it or use it.  Well maybe his mammie and papu* but that’s it.” 

*Ryan’s very kool grandparents!

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Travelin’ Kup Kollar & Kup Kap in Japan – Holidays end Teaching begins

Saturday, January 9th, 2016
japan koll starbucks hot choc_72

Maneki Neko Kup Kollar on a 12 ounce hot take-out cup.

Holidays must end, home returned to, and work begun.

Colleen on the move, “Travelin’ Kup Kollar in Kyoto, Japan, keeping my hot cocoa warm on this cold, rainy night at Starbucks. Enjoying the beautiful Christmas carols on the stereo.”


Japan Kap cafe Kyoto Dec 2015_72

Maneki Neko Kup Kap on a beautiful cup of coffee.

Colleen enjoying a dinner on the way home, “Travelin’ Kup Kap at a cafe in Arashiyama, Kyoto! On the right is matcha (green tea powder) ice cream with sweet red beans and whipped cream. Delicious!”

Japan 2016 Kap lesson plans_72

Maneki Neko Kup Kap on a school mug of coffee.

Colleen preparing for teaching, “Back to school! My Kup Kap keeps my coffee hot as I do lesson plans for today.”

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Farewell to 2015

Thursday, December 31st, 2015
Kollars 8 Dec 2015 Starbucks cups_72

Upper back row: Espresso & Mocha, Tools, Pride Colors.
Lower back row: Kats in Hats, Hawaiian Teal, Holiday Patchwork.
Front row: Holidays, Pretty Pinks.

It’s time to say farewell to the 2015 Starbucks holiday red cups. Responsible beverage drinkers will put them in recycle bins. They’ll wonder what the 2016 take-out cups will look like. They know they won’t ever have to use cardboard cup sleeves again because they have recyclable Kup Kollars to keep all their drinking liquids hotter or colder, longer.

Drinkers will keep their cup wraps within easy reach in pockets, purses, vehicle doors, kitchen drawers, work places, backpacks, jacket pockets, etc. Some will be extra happy because this year they received a Kup Kollar or two as gifts to add to their stash.

Kap Sarah western notecards _72

Large Red Bandana Kup Kap on the mug.

It’s also time to write thank you notes to all the people who made your holidays special. Sarah reporting in from Denver, Colorado says she enjoys writing her notes next to the warm fireplace while she sips a large mug of hot tasty tea.


Japan Kap gift tea Dec 2015_72

Maneki-neko Cats Kup Kap on mug.

Colleen reporting in from Japan was very happy to receive her care package from far away Colorado. While she enjoys green tea in Japan, she likes to occasionally have a different taste with a cup of black tea. The Maneki-neko Cats Kup Kap is new!

Coll Japan 2015 Dec care pkg peanutbutter_72

Sending Colleen’s favorite peanut butter always gets this reaction!


Holiday parties and alcoholic beverages

Thursday, December 17th, 2015
Kollar Sheet music red cups_96

Sheet Music Kup Kollar on a 16 ounce plastic cold cup.

When you go to a holiday party, do you pick up the wrong red cup? Do your hands get wet and cold from condensation on the outside of the red cup? Do your ice cubes melt too fast?

I know which cup is mine, my hands stay dry, and my drink isn’t diluted with fast melting ice cubes because I use a Thinsulate insulated Kup Kollar!


Kap Music Burns wine glass_96

Music Krescendo Kup Kap on a stem glass.

In warm climates, the holiday party may be outdoors on a deck, patio, or by the pool. That’s when you need a Kup Kap to keep flying outdoor critters from taking a swim in your delicious beverage!


Shopping at Holiday gift shows and bazaars

Friday, December 11th, 2015
Booth 2005 COS Irene knitting_96

Knitting while waiting for the gift show to open.

You may have met Koffee Kompanions at a gift show in Alaska, Colorado, North Carolina, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, or Oklahoma a few years ago. It took 8-9 hours for two people to set up the booth. We packed the booth after the closing of the last show day. My favorite part of the gift shows or events was meeting people.

The following suggestions for shoppers will make booth owner’s experiences as much fun as your shopping experiences!


Booth 2005 Colorado Springs entire booth_96

Colorado Springs, CO

Don’t ask for discounts or try to make deals. You don’t do that in department stores so please don’t do it at gift shows. The owner will have signs displayed for bargains and discounts.


Booth 2002 Denver front view_96

Denver, CO

Booth owners cringe when they hear someone say to a friend, “That’s easy to do. I could make those.” While your statements may be true (but often aren’t), it’s not polite to point it out in front of the booth owner who has worked long hours to fill their booth. You would be surprised at how well we hear conversations!


Booth 2002 JrLeg KC_96

Overland Park, KS

The booths are for selling retail. They aren’t phone booths. Please go to the sitting or food area to use your cell phone. If your phone conversation is about a retail item in the booth, cell phones are welcome!


Booth 2003 Denver full view_96

Denver, CO

Taking a photo of an item so you can copy it may be in violation of copy right laws. And it’s very rude.


Booth 2004 Dallas front view_96

Dallas, TX

Most booths are only 10’ X 10’ so don’t fill it with a stroller. The booth owner and other shoppers will thank you if you park your stroller to one side of the booth in the aisle. Take turns shopping in the booth with a friend. Try very hard not to hit other shoppers while pushing the stroller.

Booth 2003 COS table booth_96

Colorado Springs, CO

This was a fund raiser by the Colorado Springs Police Department. I had a table and only two pieces of grid bar to hang items. Being able to adapt to new environments is necessary. After the event was over, a very strong policeman offered to carry my things to my van!

Have fun shopping with friends and family!


Colorado Coffee Shop in Kyoto, Japan

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Japan Kap Kyoto Colorado Coffee Shop Coll_72

Colleen reporting in from Japan is celebrating her birthday this week. She was born on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 22, 1973 at the USAF Academy Hospital in Colorado.

After traveling to Kyoto to meet friends, she was surprised to find the Colorado Coffee Shop. It was like celebrating in her home state Colorado and her new home in Japan at the same time!


Japan Kap Kyoto Colorado Coffee Shop_72

Colleen packed her Maneki-neko Kup Kap because she doesn’t like her coffee to cool off too fast!