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I love live theater on stage – “Wicked” witches and a birthday surprise for two

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Kap Theater Wicked mug program tickets_72

Music Krescendo Kup Kap on the mug next to “Wicked” souvenir.

Sean and I have our birthdays three days apart in June. Pam discovered the musical “Wicked” was playing in Denver on the birthdays’ weekend. She began her birthday surprise with the help of Perry. They had secrets but Sean and I never noticed!


Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Pam knows surprise_72

Perry and I went to the loft to eat a delicious brunch prepared by Sean and Pam. We hung out for the afternoon. That evening we had plans to eat dinner at a restaurant and have birthday ginger cake after.

Pam knitted while Tai soaked up some rays on her lap. Later, she told Sean it was time for him to dress for dinner.


Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Result of Pam telling Sean to dress for dinner_72

Sean left the room and returned saying he was ready to go!

Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Pam Sean tree72

Sean did a better job on his second trip to the bedroom. He and Pam are standing outside their loft building in downtown Denver.

Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver Irene Sean tickets_72

We continued on to the restaurant, ate wonderful food, had our usual fun time, and began our walk back to the loft. As we approached the Denver Theatre Complex, I noticed the crowds walking towards the area. I noted to Perry that there must be a big production playing that evening.

He told me “Wicked” was playing. This is a play we had talked about seeing but missed the last time it played in Denver. I said, “Oh, that’s too bad. We could have gone this weekend.”

Pam suggested we cut through the Complex to avoid the crowds. I was busy looking at the stylish clothes some of the ladies were wearing. I turned to see Sean looking at something in his hands. Suddenly Perry gave me a ticket to “Wicked”. I exclaimed, “Oh wow! When do we get to see it?”

Perry, “Tonight!” I was so excited I couldn’t believe it, exclaiming, “We get to see it NOW?”

Theater 2015 June 14 Wicked Denver dragon_72

We loved the musical. My favorite character was the Good Witch because she was very funny and performed a lot of physical comedy. The costumes were elaborate. The female chorus wore skirts designed with several layers of different fabrics. The set was built with a Steampunk theme. Go if you get the chance!

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I love live theater on stage – Theater Souvenirs

Monday, September 21st, 2015

I was a freshman at Florida State University when I saw my first play on stage called “Lysistrata”, a Greek play by Aeschylus that was first performed in 411 BC. It’s the story of Lysistrata’s efforts to end the Peloponnesian War by persuading the other women to withhold sexual favors from their husbands and lovers. It may be the first play about a theme we’re very familiar with today – the war between the sexes!

“Lysistrata” was the beginning of many entertaining hours sitting in a theater enjoying live productions on stage. Unknown to me, my future husband was in the audience also watching his first play!

After meeting and marrying, we continued our love of live theater together. Our first season tickets were for the 1973 summer season at the historic Elitch Theatre then located at the original Elitch Gardens site in northwest Denver, Colorado. We saw Shelly Winters, William Shatner, and Jose Ferrer in three memorable plays.

We have watched local actors and famous actors, seen new and older plays, and enjoyed a variety of play themes. In the late 1970’s, we introduced children’s theater to Sean and Colleen when they were toddlers. Their first play was “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” performed at the historic Bonfils Memorial Theater in Denver which hosted more than 400 main stage and children’s productions until it closed.

Growing up, Sean and Colleen performed in school plays, talent shows, mystery dinner theatre, forensics school tournaments, dance recitals, and the Larkspur, Colorado Renaissance Festival. They also directed, were stage managers, made props, and wrote scripts.


Theater soldier tshirt tickets_72

Music Krescendo Kup Kap on Radio City mug.

These are only a small number of survivors I’ve collected over the years. Each one holds a fond memory for me!

Several years ago, I bought the soldier mug in the lobby of the Denver Theatre Complex after a performance of “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” danced by the Rockettes out of New York City. Sean had a date that evening with Pam, who later became our daughter-in-law!

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Original T-Bag Designs in Hout Bay, South Africa — Tea Pot Stand/Trivet 4 Bag

Saturday, September 12th, 2015
Orginal TBags tile_72

Tea Pot Stand/Trivet 4 Bag from Original T-Bag Designs

Original T-bag Designs made this beautiful wood block tile with four painted recycled tea bags preserved under resin. There are four styles to choose from. The tile is a five inch square.


Orginal TBags tile teapot Tab Kap mug_72

Friendship Tea Tabard and matching Kup Kap.

This beautiful tea time set-up is only missing one thing – tea!

Are you saving recycled tea bags for Original T-Bag Designs?


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Original T-Bag Designs in Hout Bay, South Africa — T-Bag Handle Bag

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

When I returned home from Virginia, I looked at the website for Original T-Bag Designs to learn the company history, see other products made with recycled tea bags, and check if they shipped to the United States. I was fascinated with their story, loved their artistic products, and happy to see I could place an order.

Orginal TBags purse front kap_72

This beautiful T-Bag Handle Bag is designed with recycled fabric from fabric sample books. It’s fully lined with a solid color fabric to give it extra body. There are two pockets on the inside. Your Kup Kap will fit nicely into the bag. The price is only $23.70!

You may choose from four color catagories: winter, spring, summer and autumn. My T-Bag Handle Bag is made with spring colors. The bags vary as to the fabrics used for each category. When you open the shipping box, it’s like a opening a gift. I loved my gift for only $23.70!

Orginal TBags purse front handles_72

So, where does the tea part come into play? The clear plastic handles are filled with recycled tea leaves and tea bags. Four large decorative buttons are sewn to the ends of the handles and bag. Save your used tea bags so more purses can be sewn!

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School Days – Give Koffee Kompanions gifts to school teachers

Monday, August 24th, 2015
Annie's room 2 a_72

First grade classroom ready for students.

If you were a first grader, wouldn’t you love to walk into this colorful classroom every day? For twenty years, Mrs. R. has been creating classrooms like this for her young students. On her Facebook page, she admitted she had help on set-up day.

Mrs. R. posted with room photos, “’Teacher kids’ sure can help put up a classroom fast. I love that my two teenagers have been helping me since they were toddlers. They walk in my classroom & BAM BABY!!! Done!!!”


Kollar School 2Koll Kap_72

Kup Kollar on 12 ounce hot take-out cup,
School Daze Kup Kollar Grande on 33 ounce cold cup,
Daisies Kup Kap on teacher mug.

The next time you want to give a unique gift to a teacher—remember everybody drinks something! Our products prevent desk puddles from condensation on cold drinks, keep airborne things out of mugs, and hold in heat or cold during interruptions.

Teachers are special. Shouldn’t we give them thoughtful cool gifts?


HI Kap Koll teal_96

Tropical Dolphins Kup Kap on mug,
Hawaiian Teal Kup Kollar on iced drink.

P.S.  Special Teachers, if you would like a Kup Kap or Kup Kollar for a gift, may we suggest you give a hint by sharing this blog post? :-)

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Photography in Colorado – Photobomb!

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Burns 2015 July 4 Hugh deck_72

The Colorado weather calmed down. The sun was setting for some evening shots so I set up the camera again. I placed the glass and Kup Kap on the deck post and stepped behind the tripod to see the setup in the lens. As I pushed the camera button down, my friend did a photobomb!

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Photography in Colorado – Outdoor weather elements

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Kap Photography 1_72

You might think shooting this photo would be easy. The glass with a Kup Kap on it just sits there. It can’t move or speak. Well, you would be wrong because there are many variables to contend with even when you photograph indoors. Going outdoors with your camera becomes even trickier.

My husband and I were having dinner with friends at their house. Because they have a deck with beautiful views, I decided to shoot product photos. The weather changes very quickly in Colorado so I had quite the adventure taking pictures.


Kap Photography 2_72

Rain drops on the camera lens can ruin a photo.


Kap Photography 3_72

I had to capture the Kup Kap when the wind blew it off the glass.

Kap Photography 4_72

A wind gust made the glass slide down the deck post. I moved quickly from behind the camera tripod to catch it. A few minutes later, the wind blew the glass off the deck and broke it. I gave up and went inside!

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July 4th Celebrations: Lids for mixed drinks

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
Kap Music Burns mixed drink_96

A large Music Krescendo Kup Kap on a beverage glass.

On the 4th we visited friends for dinner. After eating delicious foods cooked by Perry and Mary, we moved to the deck. Kup Kaps came in handy to keep windy dust and flying insects from taking a dip in our drinks!


Burns 2015 July 4 Mary Hugh Perry deck_72

We relaxed as the evening sun set behind the Rocky Mountains. We watched a crew set up fireworks very close by on the golf course next to their home.


Burns 2015 July 4 deck USAFA_72

We saw the lights turn on at the Air Force Academy nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Soon after the sun disappeared, the show began!

Burns 2015 July 4 Fireworks 3_72



Burns 2015 July 4 Fireworks 1_72

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Cooking breakfast on the deck: Wrapping up Breakfast

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Perry 2015 May 22 11 wrapping cord_72

After finishing breakfast and reading time, Perry wraps things up. He uses two of his shop electrical cords to plug the appliances into the outdoor electrical outlet.


Perry 2015 May 22 12 clean up_72

Espresso Medley Kup Kap on literary figures coffee mug.

All breakfast equipment organized and ready to move inside. Another sunny Colorado breakfast becomes a fond memory.


Perry 2015 May 22 2 deck ornament_72

The plastic owl perched on the deck railing is one of many unsuccessful attempts to scare away a woodpecker who has made our home one of his territorial boundaries. Even though the woodpecker has no fear, continues to swoop into the yard, and peck many holes into the siding, we leave Mr. Owl on the deck because he cost $12.97 and we don’t like to waste money! :-)

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Cooking breakfast on the deck: Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

I’m a night owl. Perry is a morning person. While I’m still sleeping when the sun rises, he enjoys a quiet breakfast on our deck during the summer. One morning he was still on the deck when I woke up so I grabbed my camera!

Perry 2015 May 22 6 Perry reading_72

“Don’t you know three’s a crowd, Shutterbug?”


Perry 2015 May 22 3 set up_72

Espresso Medley Kup Kap on literary figures coffee mug.

Perry cooks a full breakfast by moving necessary appliances and cookware to the deck table. Using an electric coffee pot, he brews Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters coffee. He plugs an electric burner and the coffee pot into an outside outlet.

After cooking in the fry pan, he pours his freshly brewed coffee into a large coffee mug. Then he covers it with a Kup Kap to keep the heat in and flying critters out. Perry reads his kindle when he finishes eating. For him, it’s a great way to begin the day. It isn’t for me – not a morning person!


Irene magnet Irish proverb_72


Cooking breakfast on the deck: Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters – Post 1 of 2