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Original T-Bag Designs in Hout Bay, South Africa — Jill Heyes and her good deed

Monday, August 31st, 2015

“A woman is like a tea bag. You only know how strong she is when she is put in hot water.”

This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt describes Jill Heyes, a British lady who moved to Hout Bay, South Africa. She’s a woman with a big heart, a keen sense of observation, and the purposeful energy to make her dreams come true. And in doing so she continues to benefit others.

A few years ago Jill Heyes did a caring deed expecting nothing in return. Jill’s decision to help another has led to positive changes in many others’ lives in her community.

We would like to help her continue the kindness by sending recycled tea bags to her artists. Please join Koffee Kompanions and start drying your used tea bags in a sunny spot at home, at work, or both. More details in the next post!

Original T-Bag Designs in Hout Bay, South Africa — Post 2 of 7 

Post 1.  Products sold in Woodstock Café & Shoppes in Woodstock, VA


Travelin’ Kup Kollar in France?

Thursday, June 25th, 2015
Japan koll Vie de France train stations_72

Cherry Blossoms Kup Kollar on a glass filled with iced coffee.

Colleen has learned Japan is as international as her own country. Several chains like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Starbucks from the United States are located in Japan. She has also enjoyed Italian and Mexican food to name a few.

News from Colleen and the Travelin’ Kup Kollar in the Kobe Train Station: 

“Travlin’ Kup Kollar in France! Juuuuust kidding. It’s Vie de France, a French-style bakery chain in Japan, found at many train stations. The puffy bun has apple and cheese inside it. The restaurant is playing cute French music, too. It’s a nice backdrop to my people watching and pastry.”


Travelin’ Kup Kollar in Osaka, Japan

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Japan Koll coll photo cherry blossoms Starbucks spinach wrap_72

News from Colleen and the Travelin’ Kup Kollar:

“Hello, Koffee Kompanions! My cherry blossoms Kup Kollar looks right at home this morning at a Starbucks in Osaka, Japan. I’m drinking my favorite drink – iced coffee with milk and sweetener. The Caesar chicken wrap is yummy. The wrap is green probably made with spinach.”


Spotlight Bakery and Sandwich Shop in Dollywood

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

2015 Aug 18 Dollywood bakery outside Perry in window_72

We started our day at Dollywood by eating in the Spotlight Bakery and Sandwich Shop which is located near the entrance. We split the large serving portions of lunch but we each had our own dessert. :-)


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood bakery lunch_72

Fiesta Kup Kollar on 14 ounce cold cup.
Tools Kup Kollar on 12 ounce hot take-out cup.

The club sandwich made with a buttery croissant was fresh and filling, every piece of fruit was delicious, and the desserts were wonderful. Perry said his coffee was very good. My only complaint – they didn’t serve ice tea only soft drinks! I had ice water in my take-out cup.


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood bakery birthday cake_72

In the window of the Spotlight Bakery, I discovered a happy birthday cake for Dolly. I assume it was a prop because her birthday is in January and we were there in August.


2015 Aug 18 Dollywood stage cans instrument_72

We left the bakery and walked to the Dreamsong Theater to see a musical show called “My People”. This musical instrument was one of several unique aspects of the show. It’s a remodeled dinette chair, baking pan, tin cans, and a glass milk bottle. The musician is using drum sticks to play it.


Uptowner Café in Alexandria, VA

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

DC 2008 7611 Old Alexandria Uptowner Cafe King St closeup_96

On a crisp autumn day, I rode the Metro from our hotel to Alexandria, VA to explore the area. Arriving at noon, I stopped in the Uptowner Café on King Street to eat lunch.


DC 2008 7609 Old Alexandria Uptowner Cafe King St sandwich_96

I chose the Prince Street sandwich with white bread instead of a bagel. The spread was scallion cream cheese. It was filled with smoked turkey and fresh veggies. The iced tea was tasty. I packed my jack o’ lantern cup cozy for the trip because it was October. This excellent lunch was a great way to begin my day of exploration on foot!


Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5705 Mary Mac's Tea Room 2 meals_72

Mary Mac’s Tea Room isn’t your typical tea room. The menu will list southern food dishes rather than tea flavors. In southern style you will eat fried foods, several vegetables, bread with butter, and drink several glasses of iced tea. Because I grew up in the south — that’s kool.

Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5707 Mary Mac's Tea Room 1 meal_72

While my cup wrap soaked up all the wet on my cold glass, I enjoyed some of my favorite foods — fried catfish, black-eye peas, friend okra, and carrot raisin salad!

Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5710 Mary Mac's Tea Room dessert_72










Georgia – large sweet peaches – peach cobbler for dessert!


Atlanta GA June 28 2010 5713 Mary Mac's Tea Room Scarlet_72

A portrait of Miss Scarlett reminded me of her tumultuous relationship with Rhett Butler in the movie “Gone with the Wind” which I’ve watched many times on Turner Classic Movies.

Rhett Butler: “Here’s a soldier of the South who loves you, Scarlett. Wants to feel your arms around him, wants to carry the memory of your kisses into battle with him. Never mind about loving me, you’re a woman sending a soldier to his death with a beautiful memory. Scarlett! Kiss me! Kiss me… once…” And he kisses her passionately. That’s hot!


Exploring Atlanta, GA by foot

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5900 One Caffe Coffee  window seats_72

Perry and I ate at One Caffe Coffee before he taught his seminar. His latte coffee was “solid, better than Starbucks”. I enjoyed Twoleaves & a Bud peach flavor tea. Our food was fresh and tasty. That’s kool.

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5939 skyline flowers_72

Having no destination, I began walking. I found familiar pink flowers on Edgewood near a freshman GA Tech dormitory. I call these my birthday flowers. Growing up, my family had a large bush in our backyard that was in full bloom every June. My Mom always took my birthday photo in front of this bush.

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5955 Statue Totem_72



Moving on, I came upon a statue in John Calhoun Park. Done in 1993, it’s called “Ancestral Totem” by artist Ayokunle Odeleye. It was refreshing walking among the shade of the trees on this hot Atlanta day. 

Atlanta GA Juy 1 2010 5962 tree trunk_72





Farther on I found Hurt Park that was part of the 2007-2008 Urban Intervention: The Beltline. The exhibit by artist Pandra Williams was called “Return of the Native Garden” planted with drought-resistant plants. I found it interesting that the street side walk was originally built around trees bordering the park.

Exploring Atlanta, GA in the summertime was very interesting. That is hot – very hot!


One Caffe Coffee shop Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5735 One Caffe Coffee Koll goodie_72

Flowers on Teal Kup Kollar on a 16 ounce cold-cup.

In June with temperatures near 100 degrees, I went into One Caffe Coffee for a cold iced tea. While the staff brewed the Alpine Berry tea, I noticed a box of the tea on their retail shelf made by Two leaves & a bud. I looked at the box and much to my surprise, discovered the tea company was located in Aspen, Colorado!

My drink had a refreshing fruity flavor that quenched my thirst. The cream cheese Danish was very fresh and delicious.

Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5728 One Caffe Coffee outside_72 (2)



Caffe Coffee is inside the end of this unique building located on 84 Peachtree Street NW.












 Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5728 One Caffe Coffee outside_72 (1)

It looks like a tiny elf shop!

Atlanta GA June 29 2010 5733 One Caffe Coffee inside_72

















Even though the shop is small, it has a supply counter for napkins, flavorings, etc, several shelves of retail, and a window counter to sit at for a view of the street and shops. I didn’t feel cramped or crowded. The two young ladies were very friendly and agreeable to my photo shoot.


Boulder Caffeine Crawl After Party – Boulder Organic Coffee & Boca Java coffees

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

When the three tour groups finished visiting the shops on the Boulder Caffeine Crawl, they gathered in front of Foolish Craig’s restaurant for the After Party and a raffle. Everyone had a raffle ticket in their goodie bag. They could buy more tickets to increase their chances of winning a prize.

The grand prize was a Baratza Vario-W grinder worth $575. The winner was very excited because he enjoys grinding fresh beans from a local roaster and brewing with his French press and espresso machine!

While the crawl walkers gathered, more coffee was served from Boca Java Direct Trade Estate Coffee and Boulder Organic Coffee.

The money collected from the sale of the raffle tickets was donated to Environment for the Americas, Conserving Birds by Connecting People. The group offers education programs about birds and their conservation.

Jason, owner of Caffeine Crawl, passed out the prizes as ticket numbers were called out.

Coffee Beans Kup Kap on espresso cup.

Perry won two bags of coffee beans from Boca Java Direct Trade Estate Coffee!

Rosebud Rhapsody Kup Kap on espresso cup.

I won two Kup Kaps from Koffee Kompanions; however, I declined the prize and someone else went home happy with the two Kup Kaps.

Enjoy the complete photo album of the 2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl. When you see how much fun everyone had, perhaps you’ll join us in 2013 for the Denver Caffeine Crawl!


Boulder Caffeine Crawl – The Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Shop #5 on the 2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl was Boxcar Coffee Roasters. The business shares its location with Cured so don’t be confused when you walk in. Beverages are served to the left and food is bought to the right.

This isn’t a steam engine. It’s an Ideal Rapid coffee roaster built in Germany in 1929 by Ferdinand Gothot Maschinenfabrik Gmbh. It’s built with heavy iron castings to keep the roasting temperature extremely stable. Vajra used his mechanical skills to restore and modernize it. Roasting experts consider it one of the most unique roasters in the country.

Vajra was set up to begin the demonstration when we walked in. He said they have a unique brewing method they call “cowboy coffee.” Just as the cowboys placed their grounds in water boiled over a campfire, Boxcar’s baristas immerse freshly ground coffee in 200-degree water taken from a special water dispenser.

They continue to heat it in a large pre-heated lab beaker placed on a custom-built mantle. This mantle heats and tumbles the brew until a sweet smell rising from the grounds indicates it’s ready to pour. Baristas then drop in ice to settle the grounds and stop the “brew momentum” before pouring it through a strainer to create a rich, non-acidic, slightly sweet cup of coffee.

Here’s a close view of the custom-built mantle Boxcar had to create in order to fit the round base of a typical oversized lab beaker.  Once the beaker is in place, they continue heating it to a low boil (203 degrees in Colorado), so they can produce the “cowboy coffee” described above.

The crawl walkers were eagerly waiting to enjoy their fifth caffeine fix for the day!

Because Boxcar’s method produces such a rich, heady brew, it is especially good poured over ice.  Perry usually prefers hot coffee over cold, but he said this brew would get strong reviews from his iced-coffee-drinking cousins in Wisconsin!

Enjoy more 2012 Boulder Caffeine Crawl photos!