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Cozy koozie for ice-cream pints have more personality!

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Kream Koll 3 creamy background_100

We received an email from an observant boyfriend:

“Haven’t used the Kollars yet, but they look great.  They are a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday.  She currently wraps a kitchen towel around her Ben & Jerry’s, so this seemed like an obvious, if somewhat random, gift for her.

I came upon your website via Google search for “ice cream koozie”.  I considered getting her the Pint-Pal, but the Kream Kollars had more personality to them.

Thanks for the prompt delivery and for creating a fun product.  Good luck with the business.” Regards, Scott, California


Ice-cream cozy gift ideas

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Kream Koll gift opened pint_96

Buy a pint of Haagen-Dazs, Baskin-Robins, or any favorite pint, enjoy the ice-cream, hand wash the container with soapy water, replace lid, slip on a Kream Kollar, wrap in plastic paper, and tie with bows for a unique gift!


Weekly Special – Free Pint Kream Kollar for Haagen-Dazs, Ben&Jerry’s and all your favorite creams

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Buy any 3 Kream Kollars at our online store and get 1 Pint Kream Kollar Free! Offer ends midnight Saturday, December 20, 2014!

Order any 3 Kream Kollars, choose any free Pint Kream Kollar, and then email your choice to

Postcard KrKoll 350ht X 370wt_96

The Kream Kollar is designed with Thinsulate Insulation by 3M which is used in manufacturing ice coolers. Your ice-cream cozy will keep your Haagen-Dazs,  Baskin-Robbins, and all your favorite ice-creams icy cold while keeping your hands comfortable.

You have 10 colorful fabric prints to choose from @


Dairy King in Empire, CO

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

2014 July 11 Luckett Land 1252 Driving home clouds_72

It’s always an interesting drive home from Fraser Valley over the mountain on US40. This time we saw clouds lightly floating below the Rocky Mountain tops.

2014 July 11 Luckett Land 1257 Empire CO Dairy King_72

For dinner, we ate at the Dairy King in Empire, Colorado, covering 192 acres with a population of 280. It’s a favorite stopping place before driving over the mountain or heading home.

2014 July 11 Luckett Land 1264 Empire CO Dairy King lunch_72

Go Green and Flowers on Teal Kup Kollars on 24 ounce cold take-out cups.

The Dairy King is small but has a friendly staff who serve up tasty food and ice-cream. We ate inside rather than the patio because the temperatures were still high.

2014 July 11 Luckett Land 1270 Empire CO Dairy King Perry burger _72

Perry enjoyed his juicy burger cooked to order – medium rare with all the fixings!

2014 July 11 Luckett Land 1277 Empire CO Dairy King Perry drinking _72

We really do carry cup sleeves with us every where we travel!

Decorations ceramic Empire bananas_72

Every time we stop at the Dairy King in Empire, I look at the hand-made pottery on the long shelf. I was looking for a ceramic piece to put bananas in. I was thrilled to see this beautiful jar thrown by a ninety year old man!


Trader Joe’s ice-cream fan finds cozy container wrap

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Kream Kollar Trader Joe gall ice cream June 2014_72

From a new customer who really “gets it” about our unique Thinsulate insulated wraps for ice-cream containers. That’s kool!

Hi, I searched on Google for Ice cream container cozy. Most cozies ended up being for pints and I was looking for quart size. The others I found, like on Etsy and Ebay were crocheted. The Thinsulate insulation on yours was the top selling point though I liked the choice of designs also. 

I became recently addicted to Trader Joe’s Mint Chip ice cream. For the first time in my life, I started eating ice cream right out of the carton and using a towel wrapped around it because of the coldness. Then last Friday when I bought a new supply, there was a lot of ice cream dribbled over on the sides of the cartons and I wondered if there were cozies for ice cream cartons, hence my Google search. 

Can’t wait to get them, hope they fit. Once warm weather comes, the Thinsulate insulation will come in handy also. 

Cindy, Minnesota

Kream Kollar Trader Joe sign Denver June 2014




Denver, Colorado is very excited about having a new Trader Joe’s in their beautiful city!








Ice cream at the Drive In

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Two Kup Kollars on Contigo water bottle

Perry and I left Trappers’ Trail and biked to the Drive In at 2309 North Weber Street in Colorado Springs. It’s our favorite place for soft serve ice-cream. I ordered deliciously creamy chocolate with hot fudge sauce in a cup.

Perry ordered a medium-size chocolate cone. After biking in hot weather, this tall cone helps him cool off!

Open seven days a week, the Drive In has been at the same location since it opened for business in 1955.  They have a grill if you want lunch or dinner before the ice-cream!

This is the back entrance from the bike path. They have no indoor seating, but several picnic tables and long benches are available.


Fleetwood RV packed with drink & food accessories

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Pint and Quart ice-cream cartons with Kream Kollars

The easiest dessert to enjoy on RV travels is ice-cream.  It’s ready to eat, comes in many flavors, and is easy to find. You don’t have dishes to wash because you can eat from the pint or quart cartons. Slip on a Kream Kollar so the ice-cream stays cold while your hands don’t!

Finally, the Fleetwood RV is loaded and ready to go!

Trudy enjoys her hot coffee while Hans drives the RV north towards Alaska to fullfill their ten year dream!


Recyclable cup wraps and sleeves for Earth Day April 22

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Recycle Kup Kollar cup sleeve

Earth Day promotes awareness and appreciation for our planet. It’s a day to ask what you can do to help protect your environment. By using a recyclable cup sleeve, you save trees and don’t add to our huge landfills. Wrapping napkins around take-out cups or using a cardboard wrap doesn’t have the same effect. If you tell your friends about recyclable cup wraps, you help even more to protect our planet.

From Jennifer in Wisconsin: “Thank you! The cup wrap I ordered is a gift for my boyfriend and he will love them.  He hates the fact of wasting paper coffee sleeves and how many trees get chopped down to make them so it is the perfect gift!”

Tray Friendship Tea Tabard and Kap

If you use coffee cozies, tea cosies, and cup lids to keep your drinks hot, you won’t have to keep reheating your drinks. That means you save electricity.

Kup Kollar Koffee Kozee

Put Thinsulate insulated coffee or tea cozies on your pitchers of iced drinks and cup sleeves on your cold glasses. The ice cubes won’t melt as fast. You save water because you won’t have to add ice to keep your drinks cold.

Kream Kollar Red Hats

Using an  insulated wrap on pints of ice-cream save trees because you won’t wrap paper towels around the carton to protect your fingers from the cold!


Island Coconut (Ice) Cream Pie from Boulder Ice Cream

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

You can prepare this dessert from Boulder Ice Cream in a short time but your guests will think you slaved for hours! Serve with frosty drinks using colorful Hawaiian cup sleeves on the glasses.

cup wrap lid coffee tea tisane Thinsulate beverage                                                                                                          Island Coconut (Ice) Cream Pie

1. Slightly soften a pint of Boulder Ice Cream Coconut flavor.

2. Spoon it into a graham-cracker pie crust and freeze.

3. Just before serving, sprinkle grated coconut on the pie and decorate with cut pieces of fruits such as pineapple, mangos, kiwi, and oranges. 

July is National Ice cream Month. We suggest you use a Kream Kollar and begin taste testing your favorite flavors this month!


Boulder Ice Cream, a micro-creamery ice cream

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

ice cream wrap  sherbert  sorbet frozen yogurt                                                                                                                    If you’re tired of name brand ice cream but don’t want to make your own, try ice cream from a micro-creamery.  These companies make hand-crafted small batches. They are continually experimenting and adding new flavors.

Here in Colorado we have Boulder Ice Cream. They use a slow churn process and all natural ingredients.  Along with their delicious ice cream, they make sorbet, gelato and frozen yogurts. There are over a hundred flavors such as Boulder Brown Ale and Cranberry Walnut.  

I’ve really enjoyed using my Kream Kollar on pints of Boulder Ice Cream so I could write this blog post!