Coffee Tea Planters and Vases – Use the Rule of Three

August 3rd, 2015

Decorations Plants Flowers coffee theme window_72

Along with recycled coffee bags, large latte cups are excellent planters. Buy an inexpensive French press at a thrift shop or Goodwill and fill with silk flowers for a colorful arrangement.

When I set my plants in the bay window, I applied the Rule of Three for room accessories which requires grouping in threes or odd numbers. The accessories are tied together by color, finish, or theme. Arrangements are more interesting when you use different heights.

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Post 1. Prep for planting project


Fun Planters and Vases – Prep for recycled coffee bag planting project

August 3rd, 2015
Decorations Plants coffee bag_72

Kats in Hats Kup Kollar on 20 ounce glass.

Prepare your favorite iced coffee drink (recipe) to enjoy while you repot new house plants. Use a cup sleeve on the glass so the ice won’t melt as fast. Next gather everything you need including empty coffee bags. I always move to the deck because it’s easier to clean up outdoors.

Before spooning the potting soil into the coffee bag, cut off the top of a small box. Put the box inside the coffee bag to reinforce it and maintain its shape. I found a Lactaid 60 caplets box fits perfectly.

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Photography in Colorado – Photobomb!

July 30th, 2015

Burns 2015 July 4 Hugh deck_72

The Colorado weather calmed down. The sun was setting for some evening shots so I set up the camera again. I placed the glass and Kup Kap on the deck post and stepped behind the tripod to see the setup in the lens. As I pushed the camera button down, my friend did a photobomb!

Photography in Colorado – Post 2 of 2

Post 1. Outdoor weather elements


Photography in Colorado – Outdoor weather elements

July 27th, 2015

Kap Photography 1_72

You might think shooting this photo would be easy. The glass with a Kup Kap on it just sits there. It can’t move or speak. Well, you would be wrong because there are many variables to contend with even when you photograph indoors. Going outdoors with your camera becomes even trickier.

My husband and I were having dinner with friends at their house. Because they have a deck with beautiful views, I decided to shoot product photos. The weather changes very quickly in Colorado so I had quite the adventure taking pictures.


Kap Photography 2_72

Rain drops on the camera lens can ruin a photo.


Kap Photography 3_72

I had to capture the Kup Kap when the wind blew it off the glass.

Kap Photography 4_72

A wind gust made the glass slide down the deck post. I moved quickly from behind the camera tripod to catch it. A few minutes later, the wind blew the glass off the deck and broke it. I gave up and went inside!

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July 4th Celebrations: Lids for mixed drinks

July 22nd, 2015
Kap Music Burns mixed drink_96

A large Music Krescendo Kup Kap on a beverage glass.

On the 4th we visited friends for dinner. After eating delicious foods cooked by Perry and Mary, we moved to the deck. Kup Kaps came in handy to keep windy dust and flying insects from taking a dip in our drinks!


Burns 2015 July 4 Mary Hugh Perry deck_72

We relaxed as the evening sun set behind the Rocky Mountains. We watched a crew set up fireworks very close by on the golf course next to their home.


Burns 2015 July 4 deck USAFA_72

We saw the lights turn on at the Air Force Academy nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Soon after the sun disappeared, the show began!

Burns 2015 July 4 Fireworks 3_72



Burns 2015 July 4 Fireworks 1_72

July 4th Celebrations – Post 2 of 2

Post 1. Wraps for drinks on the deck


July 4th Celebrations: Wraps for drinks on the deck

July 20th, 2015
Kollar flags Burns deck July 4_72

Independents Kup Kollar on mixed drink glass.

July 4th is one of our summer holidays that moves people outdoors for fun and food. Kup Kollars not only keep drinks cold longer, but also help people identify their drinks. Holiday wraps become part of the celebration’s decorations. Decorating for Fall holiday fun and food is coming soon!


Burns 2015 July 4 Fireworks burst_72

I hope your Fourth of July fireworks were bright and beautiful!

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Cooking breakfast on the deck: Wrapping up Breakfast

July 14th, 2015

Perry 2015 May 22 11 wrapping cord_72

After finishing breakfast and reading time, Perry wraps things up. He uses two of his shop electrical cords to plug the appliances into the outdoor electrical outlet.


Perry 2015 May 22 12 clean up_72

Espresso Medley Kup Kap on literary figures coffee mug.

All breakfast equipment organized and ready to move inside. Another sunny Colorado breakfast becomes a fond memory.


Perry 2015 May 22 2 deck ornament_72

The plastic owl perched on the deck railing is one of many unsuccessful attempts to scare away a woodpecker who has made our home one of his territorial boundaries. Even though the woodpecker has no fear, continues to swoop into the yard, and peck many holes into the siding, we leave Mr. Owl on the deck because he cost $12.97 and we don’t like to waste money! :-)

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Post 1. Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters


Cooking breakfast on the deck: Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters

July 12th, 2015

I’m a night owl. Perry is a morning person. While I’m still sleeping when the sun rises, he enjoys a quiet breakfast on our deck during the summer. One morning he was still on the deck when I woke up so I grabbed my camera!

Perry 2015 May 22 6 Perry reading_72

“Don’t you know three’s a crowd, Shutterbug?”


Perry 2015 May 22 3 set up_72

Espresso Medley Kup Kap on literary figures coffee mug.

Perry cooks a full breakfast by moving necessary appliances and cookware to the deck table. Using an electric coffee pot, he brews Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters coffee. He plugs an electric burner and the coffee pot into an outside outlet.

After cooking in the fry pan, he pours his freshly brewed coffee into a large coffee mug. Then he covers it with a Kup Kap to keep the heat in and flying critters out. Perry reads his kindle when he finishes eating. For him, it’s a great way to begin the day. It isn’t for me – not a morning person!


Irene magnet Irish proverb_72


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Easy Oatmeal Granola recipe: Oregon Chai

July 9th, 2015

Kollar Granola Chai box_72

After putting my homemade granola in a bowl, I add fresh fruit or dried fruit for extra fiber and flavor. Then I pour about one-half cup of low calorie chai milk into the mixture.

I use Oregon Chai because it tastes good, uses all natural ingredients, and is packaged in a recyclable box. To lower the calories I use skim milk and change the proportions for mixing. Pour your favorite drink and enjoy a healthy breakfast!

Irene’s Oregon Chai Milk: ½ cup = 56 calories

3 cups skim milk

1 cup Oregon Chai

Stir and store in refrigerator.

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Post 1. Oatmeal Granola Recipe

Post 2. Wildflower honey from Busy Bee Farm


Easy Oatmeal Granola recipe: Wildflower honey from Busy Bee Farm

July 8th, 2015

Kollar Granola Chai honey_72

I use Raw Wildflower honey from the hives of Busy Bee Farm in Larkspur, Colorado to make my granola. Raw honey goes from the bee hive to the slinger which separates the honey from the beeswax. Next the honey goes to the container of use. Bees do a great job and need little help from humans!

Raw honey never spoils. I’ve cooked with thirty year old honey. If it solidifies and turns to sugar, spoon it into a pot and melt on the stove, put the honey container into a pot of hot water, or put the honey container in a pot of water set on a stove burner at low heat.

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